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  • wellington NZ

    Stantec: finding a way to save 20% on electricity costs by optimizing the pumps

    One of Wellington Water’s main interests in using Info360 Insight was based on the appealing idea that all calculations could be done in the software using SCADA data directly – avoiding the use of Excel spreadsheets.

  • A public roadmap for Info360 products

    We’ve created the Autodesk Innovyze Public Roadmap for the Info360 platform to help you plan for today and the future.

  • How to utilize limited resources to address water loss during a drought 

    During drought, water loss becomes even more important for utilities and consultancies to track and mitigate the impact. Learn how.

  • california water regulations

    Water Talk next week: California’s new sanitary sewer regulations

    Regulatory changes within the water industry in the US sometimes come from Washington, DC, but when California makes a regulatory move, the rest of the country sits up and notices. And they often follow California’s lead. “The 2022 proposed update to the Statewide Waste Discharge Requirements under the General Order for Sanitary Sewer Systems is […]

  • Water Talk replay: Elevate your water operations with powerful data analytics

    In our last Water Talk, Elevate Your Water Operations with Powerful Data Analytics, we talked about how you can use Info360 Insight to turn your live or uploaded data into analytics and really use it to drive your decision-making process. Want to be notified when new Water Talks are available? Sign up here to attend in person or subscribe to […]

  • water sensort data

    Upcoming Water Talk: You’ve hooked up your sensors. Now what?

    Live sensor data is becoming more readily available, which is excellent. But we’ve noticed that some organizations set up their sensors and start collecting data – but then they may do nothing with it. With all of this data at your disposal, why let it go to waste? In our next Water Talk on August […]

  • Webinar: Take your water distribution to the next level

    Innovyze, an Autodesk company, presented a webinar on the benefits of digital twin technology for the water industry. Watch the replay.

  • emergency response map

    Water Talk: how to develop innovative emergency response plans

    We host a new Water Talk every fortnight, and it was a relief to take a break from talking for a change and let our friend Susan Knepper from OHM Advisors tell their story during this most recent one. She went over past emergency scenarios and how the folks at OHM Advisors responded. It was […]

  • New features in Info360 Insight

    Info360 Insight is our SaaS application for operational analytics and incident management unifying water utility data in the AWS cloud, applying sophisticated analytics, modeling, and alerting tools to make operational information more accessible, reliable, and actionable. The app leverages your data investments to empower operators and engineers to quickly monitor, analyze, respond to, and optimize water […]