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  • 3 fresh Water Drop workflow videos: pipe-sizing automation, fireflow analysis, and new cloud capabilities

    Happy Spring, everyone. You know what they say: April showers bring May Water Drops! It’s certainly true where I live in Denver, Colorado. Earlier this month, we had 1/3 of our annual rainfall occur in just 72 hours. Streets, roads, and (unfortunately) my basement were flooded. It was a prescient reminder of why hydraulic modelers […]

  • 10 things you can do in InfoDrainage above and beyond SSA in Civil 3D

    Autodesk’s Storm and Sanitary Analysis (SSA) for Civil 3D is a dynamic hydrologic and hydraulic modelling software that assists in the design and analysis of stormwater systems, sanitary sewers, and other drainage systems. It enables engineers to predict the impact of new designs and changes, optimize system performance, and plan for extreme weather events. If […]

  • Pool of water

    InfoDrainage 2024 launch: Design Logic Switch, FEH2022 support, and arc pipes

    Global Launch at Autodesk is the time of year that marks the release of the latest innovations for our software. For InfoDrainage, that means you’re now able to update to InfoDrainage 2024. Here’s what you can expect to find when you’re notified of the latest update from the Autodesk Access app. Introducing Design Logic Switch […]

  • Jacobs engineered a SuDS-friendly, sustainable, flood-resistant amphitheater for Sidmouth. It’s beautiful.

    In the town of Sidmouth on the South West coast of England, Jacobs, a leading technical consultancy, not only designed a flood alleviation scheme that protects residents and properties but created an innovative, unique, impeccably sustainable, dual-use amenity for residents. The Sidmouth area has a long history of flooding from sea, river and stormwater, with […]

  • Water Talks in droplet form: The answers you need in the time that you have

    Your challenges are our challenges. While this statement may sound cliché, I think it rang true for the thousands of viewers of our Water Talks webinar series over the past three years. Since April 2020, we’ve reached 30,000 registrants, hosted 14,000 live attendees, and answered over 2,600 questions! We’ve heard from the best and brightest […]

  • Rogers-O’Brien combined a drone with InfoDrainage to solve a problem quickly – and very accurately

    We need you to come back to the site. There’s been some flooding. No general contractor wants to find a message like that in their inbox half a decade after wrapping up a construction project. But a representative from Magnolia Montessori was indeed coming back to Rogers-O’Brien (RO). They were concerned because water was ponding […]

  • How to use Australian Rainfall and Runoff Guidelines (ARR19) in the latest InfoDrainage 2023.2 release

    The Australian Rainfall and Runoff Guidelines (ARR19) are critical in providing reliable flood risk estimates to ensure infrastructure is designed well to keep communities safe and environments protected.  The addition of ARR19 in the latest release of InfoDrainage means Australian designers, engineers, and planners can streamline their drainage design processes for land development, major infrastructure, […]

  • 10 things you can do in InfoDrainage that you can’t do in MicroDrainage

    With over 35 years of innovation, Microdrainage has done a cracking job of ensuring water professionals across the world deliver accurate and efficient designs and models of surface water and wastewater systems. We took everything we learned over that time to create InfoDrainage, which was released in 2020. This next generation drainage design application has […]

  • Watch the Water Talk: how to be safe, sustainable, and compliant

    This week, we held one of our most-attended Water Talks ever. We talked about new, innovative methods for design and analysis and how water professionals can use them to design sustainable drainage systems that meet the demands of an ever-evolving industry.

  • Upcoming Water Talk: safe, sustainable, compliant drainage design

    Our next Water Talk, Ensure Your Drainage Systems Are Safe, Sustainable and Compliant, will take place this coming Tuesday, November 15th. Municipalities in the United States have different standards for drainage design, and their utilities sometimes struggle to meet them. Join us for a conversation about InfoDrainage. We’ll talk about new, innovative methods for design […]