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  • 3 fresh Water Drop workflow videos: pipe-sizing automation, fireflow analysis, and new cloud capabilities

    Happy Spring, everyone. You know what they say: April showers bring May Water Drops! It’s certainly true where I live in Denver, Colorado. Earlier this month, we had 1/3 of our annual rainfall occur in just 72 hours. Streets, roads, and (unfortunately) my basement were flooded. It was a prescient reminder of why hydraulic modelers […]

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    InfoWater Pro 2024.1: InfoSurge now included with a subscription

    The latest update of InfoWater Pro supports ArcGIS 3.1, includes surge analysis, and improves high DPI resolution support. Surge analysis with InfoSurge now included InfoSurge, our app for transient analysis, used to be a paid add-on to InfoWater Pro. It is now included in InfoWater as part of an InfoWater Pro Autodesk subscription so that as many […]

  • Water Talks in droplet form: The answers you need in the time that you have

    Your challenges are our challenges. While this statement may sound cliché, I think it rang true for the thousands of viewers of our Water Talks webinar series over the past three years. Since April 2020, we’ve reached 30,000 registrants, hosted 14,000 live attendees, and answered over 2,600 questions! We’ve heard from the best and brightest […]

  • InfoWater Pro and ArcGIS dashboards help City of Livonia respond faster to emergencies

    In the depth of winter in January 2018, the City of Livonia, Michigan experienced a master meter failure that caused several water main breaks, closed a major highway, and triggered a city-wide boil-water advisory. Read the case study Read all about a messy water main pipe break in our latest case study and how it […]

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    New in InfoWater Pro: Latest ArcGIS Pro support + powerful diagnostic tools

    The latest updates of InfoWater Pro now support ArcGIS 3.0 and improves re-run workflows and hydraulic simulation reporting.  Latest ArcGIS Pro support InfoWater Pro, which is built on top of ArcGIS, is now compatible with the latest ArcGIS Pro. With InfoWater 2023.3, you will model water systems within ArcGIS Pro 3.0. If you prefer to work […]

  • How to run a closed zone system curve analysis in InfoWater Pro

    Do you need to run a closed zone system curve analysis in InfoWater Pro? Occassionally, our support team will hear from customers who are sizing a pump for replacement in InfoWater Pro who have run into an issue when performing a system curve analysis. They receive this error message: “Simulation failed with specific issue(s).” When […]

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    Watch the Water Talk: using system curves to better understand your pumps

    Another fortnight, another Water Talk. This time around, we talked about system curves. These are essentials that every modeler should know to understand why pumps do what they do. Our own Patrick Moore leads the way in this Water Talk, talking about system curves, boundary conditions, and how modelers can use system curves to understand […]

  • Introduction to InfoWater Pro: free learning series

    InfoWater Pro is a powerful application made for ArcGIS Pro-loving water professionals. If you’re just getting started and need tutorials to show you the way, this post is for you. We’ve created this series of videos for InfoWater Pro, and it’s completely free and open to everyone. Who uses InfoWater Pro? InfoWater Pro is typically […]

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    Upcoming Water Talk: understanding sytem curves to better understand pumps

    Do you know how and where pumps are operating within your hydraulic model? These are essentials that every modeler should know to understand why model pumps do what they do. Join us next week on October 18 when we’ll talk about how you can utilize system curves, a feature within Innovyze software, to better support […]

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    Watch the Water Talk: Surge analysis in hydraulic modeling

    In our most recent Water Talk, Crystal Broadbent of Hazen & Sawyer shares three unique customer stories to demonstrate the application of InfoSurge with InfoWater Pro. InfoSurge uses transient analysis and modelling to predict how your water distribution network will react to pressure surges or reductions, and to evaluate surge control devices. The Joukousky Expression […]