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  • InfoWorks WS Pro 2024: new cloud capabilities, included transient analysis, and more

    The latest update of InfoWorks WS Pro 2024 includes cloud functionalities, surge analysis, and the ability to merge network changes. InfoWorks WS Pro is now a hybrid on-premises and cloud product, available as part of an Autodesk subscription, using a single installer, which simplifies the access to our cloud capabilities. Flexible database storage You can […]

  • Ready to get started with our cloud capabilities? Here’s what our customers ask us before diving in.

    Are you curious about the recent release of cloud capabilities for InfoWorks ICM and InfoWorks WS Pro? Our subscription offerings now include advanced features like cloud-distributed simulations, cloud-based storage for single and multi-user databases, and streamlined project database management. But with all these exciting new capabilities, you may have questions about the access to the […]

  • Powerful cloud capabilities now included with InfoWorks ICM and InfoWorks WS Pro subscriptions

    It’s global launch time at Autodesk! This means the 2024 versions of our core water solutions are now available to our customers. This year, we have a monumental release for water distribution, wastewater, stormwater, and flood modelers alike. We’re thrilled to announce that our subscription offerings of InfoWorks ICM and InfoWorks WS Pro now come […]

  • InfoWorks WS Pro Learning Series

    InfoWorks WS Pro is designed for water professionals to help them assess supply to individual customers. Supply deficiencies or pollution incidents can be investigated and fixed quickly, allowing you to model how best to achieve regulatory standards while continuing to deliver value to customers. We’ve put together this series of learning videos designed by Solutions […]

  • Drop-by-drop: a thorough approach to mitigating leaks, conserving water, and reducing costs

    In regions with aging and decaying infrastructure, water utilities around the world have been dealing with reducing non-revenue water for decades, particularly the water leakage part. Because leaks continue to occur and grow, finding and reducing leakage is continuous work. Underground leaks can generate high costs for a water utility: treated water is lost, including […]

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    New release: InfoWorks WS Pro 2023.1

    The newly released InfoWorks WS Pro 2023.1 provides hydraulic modelers with more accurate pump configuration and selection, cross-version compability, and enhanced water demand reporting. We have several updates that we hope will make hydraulic modeling faster and easier for you. System head curve analysis System head curves are designed to help InfoWorks WS Pro users […]

  • Where to look: A quick guide to Autodesk Innovyze water solutions learning content

    Hydraulic modeling software is an essential tool for engineers and water professionals to effectively plan, design, and operate water infrastructure systems. However, finding the right learning materials across the Internet to get started with the right hydraulic modeling solution can sometimes be a daunting task. Here, we give you a round-up of learning content we […]

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    How to find critical pipe bursts

    When a pipe bursts, how do you find the critical pipes?

  • Collaborating on building and running hydraulic models using InfoWorks WS Pro’s Workgroup technology

    If your organisation has team members who work on the same hydraulic model at the same time, they probably generate several versions of the same model file. When this happens, keeping track of model file versions and model changes is next to impossible. This is a common – but definitely solvable – problem. InfoWorks WS […]