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Autodesk Green Building Studio’s Latest Release: Project Solon Runsets for Revit and Vasari; Performance Improvements; Energy Star Results; Expanded HVAC Design Alternatives

September 18, 2014

Project Solon Runsets: Autodesk Green Building Studio’s latest release expands the Project Solon capabilities by enabling the Runsets Feature. A Runset is a collection of energy analysis runs that allows you to configure your own parametric studies for your project by comparing the results of multiple energy simulations, each varying one or more building parameters. The Runset results can be shared by everyone in your company with a subscription to Revit or Vasari. The Project Solon Runsets is a fully functional production release being promoted for feedback as a technology preview through Autodesk Labs.

Runsets Quick Start Steps

1. Create a Runset in Project Solon and Publish it

2. Add the Runset to an Energy Cost Widget and Publish it

3. Add the Widget to a Dashboard and Publish it

4. Assign the Dashboard to Revit Results and Compare

5. Run an Energy Analysis in Revit or Vasari

6. Open the Results and Compare Window in Revit or Vasari, click on the Project Solon tab to view your results

For more detailed help, visit the Autodesk Labs Getting Started page.

Revit R&C runset dashboard

Editable Energy Cost Range Runsets. With the Project Solon Runsets feature, you can now customize a sensitivity range widget similar to the Potential Energy Savings (PES) chart. This highly requested feature allows you to quickly test multiple building parameter values and view the results within the Revit or Vasari Results and Compare window. Two sample Dashboards are included in the new Public assets for Solon—“Energy Analysis Result (Revit Default Dashboard)” and “Energy Cost Factors (Sample Factor Dashboard)” Dashboard. The —“Energy Cost Factors (Sample Factor Dashboard)” Dashboard includes Runsets that cover the same parameters as the PES chart, and are editable. These Dashboards can be accessed through the GBS Website.

Energy_starExpanded Energy Star Results. We now provide you with comprehensive results from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star rating system. This gives you an estimate of your Project’s energy performance compared to similar buildings, and to Energy Star Target Goals. The EPA Energy Performance Rating is obtained from the Energy Star Target Finder tool.


Performance Improvements: Performance improvements have been achieved in both the time to upload your Energy Analysis from Revit to GBS, and the time to deliver the results. Delivery time of the energy analysis results has been improved by as much as 60%. The speed improvements you will see will depend upon several factors, such as the server traffic at the time you submit your analysis, the complexity of your model, and your account type (trial account, student account, or subscription account).


Expanded List of HVAC Systems in GBS Design Alternatives: The Design Alternatives list of HVAC systems has been expanded to 161 different HVAC system types and efficiencies, now making it easy for you to compare the energy usage impacts of various HVAC systems.

Tell us what you think: We encourage everyone to try out our new features. The Solon tab in the Revit/Vasari Results and Compare window has a field on the top of the page for you to send us questions or comments about the Project Solon Dashboard. We also invite you to post any comments and questions on our Building Performance Analysis Community pages, or on the Autodesk Labs site. Our Building Performance Analysis (BPA) team regularly monitors the community forums and will respond to your postings.