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There have been a number of very interesting projects added to the Autodesk Sustainability WorkshopProject Gallery that we thought you may be interested in taking a look at.

Messina Schoolhouse: High Efficiency Mediterranean Architecture

  • This project incorporates energy analysis, structural design, tradition, and innovation into a retrofit of a community schoolhouse. The student team set out to revitalize the local schoolhouse that had been damaged from recent natural disasters and needed an energy retrofit as part of an older, less efficient building stock. They used analysis throughout their design process to inform their design decisions to improve energy use and return the school to the community as a symbol of the Italian village’s identity.



Energy Efficiency and Aesthetics in Kazakhstan

  • This project by Russian students demonstrates a rigorous and thoughtful design process that balances energy efficiency and aesthetic considerations. The team did whole building energy analysis and other performance studies to improve the massing, orientation, and constructions of a conceptual mixed use high-rise building.