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A Wind Tunnel for Revit – Project Falcon is now Autodesk Flow Design

February 4, 2014


Flow Design (formerly Project Falcon) is a purpose built wind tunnel simulator available in Revit that lets you visualize how wind interacts with a building or group of buildings. Flow Design quickly models wind behavior around an exterior and provides an understanding of where there may be risks of elevated wind speeds or where there may be stagnant areas that affect air quality or comfort. The product itself shares many similarities with other Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applications under the hood, yet is tailored specifically for users who are looking for something very easy to use and do not require a full CFD application. For a quick overview, check out the validation brief here.

Flow Design began as a project on Autodesk Labs and has evolved over time with feedback from the user community. Some of the features we’ve added for Revit users along the way include:

  • A variable wind velocity profile
  • The ability to pause the simulation to capture renders
  • An option to display pressure on building exteriors
  • Virtual probes that can measure pressures on the face of a building

Flow Design also now comes with a standalone version that can read in files from many sources and deliver rich 3D results. An example showing how the new standalone version can be used to model winds inside a large sports stadium is here.


Flow Design is available on the Autodesk Store in both monthly and annual increments. Alternatively, if you quality for student or educator access, you can get a copy through the Autodesk Education Community.

Tell us what you think: In the past year we have been hearing a lot from our users about the importance of CFD in assessing the building performance. Tell us what you think. Do you perform CFD on the exterior of your building? What tools do you use for your CFD? Is this a tool you would like to try out? How would you like to use it?


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  1. AvatarPrunaMihai



    This looks good, is it integrated with Robot for FSI?