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Head over to the US Department of Energy’s site to read Amir Roth’s article on Insight 360. The headline captures my favorite aspect of Insight 360 perfectly: EnergyPlus Logo Debuts on Revit Toolbar.

Get more on the history between Autodesk and EnergyPlus here.

Stephanie Egger

Stephanie Egger is a building scientist and engineer, and passionate about reducing building energy use through education. She works on the Autodesk Building Performance Analysis Team where she exposes customers to the latest high performance building design tools and provides training on to how best use them. Previously she co-authored and launched a series of online courses that educate the next generation of designers. These courses and related certificate programs (Autodesk Building Performance Analysis Certificate) teach architects and engineers the basics of sustainable design and building performance through simulation and analysis tools. Stephanie pairs the creation of these educational offerings with the commitment to continuous improvement of building-design technology to enable designers to create sustainable and meaningful designs.