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Green Building Studio’s Validation Testing through ASHRAE Standard 140-2011

September 16, 2013

Who is this for: Architects, engineers, vendors and sustainable engineers involved with building energy analysis who want to know if Green Building Studio GBS) has been validated by an industry-accepted standard.

Takeaway: The results of GBS web service have been validated using the Standard 140 test.

Author: Marjorie Stein – Project Manager, Building Performance Analysis, Autodesk, Inc.

The September 8, 2013 release of Green Building Studio Autodesk Green Building Studio’s Project Solon Alpha, which will allow you to customize how GBS energy analysis results are reported, addresses back-end database improvements and minor navigation bug fixes.

Green Building Studio performs validation testing as a routine part of each of our releases. One of these industry-accepted tests is ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 140-2011. The ASHRAE Standard 140-2011 test for this release compared STD140 results against GBS version 3.4 as the baseline. The Green Building Studio version 3.4 web service simulation results were evaluated and met the criteria, under ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 140, Standard Method of Test for the Evaluation of Building Energy Analysis Computer Programs. The Green Building Studio version 3.4 results submitted to the Department of Energy can be reviewed here: Autodesk Green Building Studio test results.

The minor differences, where noted, are due to two things, but results still fall within the bounds of acceptable results as compared with other simulation tools.

1. The altitude of the DRYCOLD.bin weather file picked up an altitude of 5279 rather than the specified altitude of 0. This has been noted as a bug to be addressed in an upcoming release.

2. A door construction bug was fixed (from and insulation value of R-5 to R-2).

The full set of Standard 140 results are available for download, as well as results of internal analytical regression tests (which also passed this release).

For more background on Standard 140, refer to our Help topic, Have the results of the Autodesk Green Building Studio web service been validated?, GBS Regression Testing, as well as our previous blog, Green Building Studio and Standard 140.