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Navigating Revit and Vasari Energy Analysis “Results & Compare”

September 19, 2013

Who is this for: Architects, engineers, vendors and
sustainable engineers involved with building energy analysis.  

By: Mohammad Rahmani Asl, Ph.D. Student, BIM-SIM Group, Texas A&M
University, Working in Collaboration with Autodesk.

In this post we’re sharing a new video on navigating the
Results and Compare dialogue box in Autodesk Revit and Vasari. It introduces
basic layout of the Results and Compare dialog and shows how these energy
analysis results can be used to improve building energy performance and
building design.


The ‘Results
& Compare’
(R&C) dialog
provides easy and basic access within Revit® and Vasari® to results
from energy simulation runs stored on Autodesk® Green Building
R&C gives you the option to view the basic results, modify and re-arrange
the charts and tables, share them with your team members, and export for
further analyses. Recently, new capabilities have been added to R&C which
are summarized in previous posts ‘New
Additions to Revit and Vasari’s ‘Results & Compare’ (Part1/2)’
and (Part 2/2).


Your feedback is important to us!  Use
this video and try out the R&C dialog features, tell us what you think.
 What would make the R&C dialog more useful to you? What should we do
next? Are there any areas on energy analysis results where you would like to
see more detailed videos?