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Project Solon Beta arrives in Revit – Get more interactive Energy Analysis results, create your own, and publish them to Revit

April 28, 2014

Who is this for: Anyone interested in energy analysis using Revit.

Takeaway: Autodesk Green Building Studio (GBS) has just released the Beta version of Analysis Application Dashboard in Project Solon: You can now author your Revit model once and deliver energy analysis results to your software application, web, and mobile device. Project Solon delivers responsive results designs for your energy analysis, with customized dynamic charts of energy results.

What does it do? The Analysis Application Dashboard feature in Project Solon enables you to customize how you review, analyze, and communicate the energy analysis results of your Revit 2014 and Revit 2015 projects through the use of configurable analysis charts (Widgets) and collections of the widgets (Dashboards).


Project Solon has now been integrated in Revit and includes an expanded set of result type Widgets. With this latest release you can configure five different categories of result-types: Energy Use; Heating Loads; Cooling Loads; Dry Bulb Temperature data; and Wind Speed and Direction data.

For each result-type, multiple configurations (i.e. results by month or annual time periods, sums or breakdowns of energy use, etc.) and chart types are available; allowing you to create effective and easy-to-understand results of your energy analysis. Refer to our Help Topic: Managing Solon Dashboards.

Try it now: (from the GBS Classic page, click Project Solon).


Tell us what you Think: We invite all Revit 2014, Revit 2015 and Vasari Beta 3 customers to give the new featuer a try and tell us what you think. Please post your comments and questions on our Building Performance Analysis Community pages. Our Building Performance Analysis (BPA) team regularly monitors the community forums and will respond to your postings.


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