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Every year we get thousands of class proposals for Autodesk University Vegas from customers, partners, third-party developers, and employees. This is an incredible testimony to the multitudes of passionate Autodesk evangelists that make up this great community. This year is no exception with almost 2500 submissions and about 250 just for Autodesk Inventor which is incredible. Proposal submissions have closed, and now we have opened Community Voting till June 25th. This is where each of you can vote for classes that interest you, and it is super easy to do. Simply click on the voting link and search by keyword, topics, or industry and click on the thumbs up voting icon next to each class. I have listed a few additional considerations around voting below to check out and be sure and cast your votes soon.

  • Broaden your views – Autodesk University is a huge event; it’s unlikely you will be able to attend every class you are interested in. However, by voting for all classes you are interested in, it increases the chance for those topics/classes to be selected. This means even if you can’t fit them all into your schedule, the content will still be created for you to review later.
  • Not Attending AU, you should still Vote – This is community voting, and your point of view matters to ensure the topics and classes of most interest get selected. Like the note above mentioned, classes that do get selected will have content created and shared on via AU online so that you can consume in the future.
  • Get Inspired, Go Further – Spending the time to review the proposals and voting might inspire you to review or tackle a topic sooner than AU Vegas 2019. Since we can’t select every class, consider copying and pasting your favorite class descriptions to a “Go Further” digital notebook for future investigation.
  • Gather the crew – Huddle up online or in a meeting room (have the boss spring for some pizza) and review classes and vote together. Use the time to create a key topics list of items the whole team is interested in. Informal gatherings like this might show areas where your peers need help sooner or items where a co-worker is already a guru but hasn’t told anyone about their secret skills 🙂

Community Voting ends June 25th, Vote Today.

AU 2019 Class Voting Link –

Follow up this topic and debate your favorite classes with others online here Autodesk Inventor Users LinkedIn group.

Hope to connect with you here on LinkedIn – or see you at Autodesk University Las Vegas 2019


Kevin Robinson

Business Strategy Manager

Design & Manufacturing

Jim Byrne

Jim is dedicated to the success of our customers who use our technology to design, validate, and manage their intellectual property. He has over 20 years of experience demonstrating and implementing software solutions.

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