Autodesk Inventor what’s new 2022: Send to Fusion 360

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Autodesk Inventor what's new 2022: Send to Fusion 360

Send to Fusion 360 in Autodesk Inventor 2022 helps extend your data and makes it more valuable to you, your manufacturing and fabrication teams, partners, and customers.

The Inventor team has been working on ways to extend your Inventor data to Fusion 360 for collaboration and access to additional workflows and functionality.

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Send to Fusion ≠ Desktop Connector?

You may already be using Autodesk Desktop Connector Connector to connect Inventor to Fusion 360, or Vault Professional to Fusion Team.

Desktop Connector remains an available solution, but it does require a separate installation and some setup and configuration of the Desktop Connector itself.

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How to Send an Inventor file to Fusion 360

Autodesk Inventor 2022 provides a new direct connection, in-canvas to Fusion 360 without the need to install or set-up Desktop Connector. This new tool is called ‘Send to Fusion’ and is in the environments tab inside of Inventor parts files.

With a part file open – look under:
Environments (Tab) > Fusion 360 (Panel) > Send to Fusion (Button)

Autodesk Inventor 2022: Send to Fusion 360

Send to Fusion supports Inventor part files and sheet metal parts. You can use the ‘Create Simplified Part’ tool to convert an assembly to a multi-body single part file to send to Fusion 360.

Send to Fusion uses your Autodesk Account Login to connect to your Fusion Team account. After you initiate the Send to Fusion command, you’ll browse your Fusion Team account, selecting which Team you would like to save your file to and which Project and folder within the Team.

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What next?

You can click ‘open in Fusion 360’ directly inside of Inventor, to launch Fusion 360 with your part file open. Alternatively you can launch Fusion 360 yourself, and then browse to your parts location in the Fusion data panel to open the file.

You’ll also have the option to view your Inventor document in your Web browser via Fusion team. You can use this option to share a link to your file with colleagues for collaboration and review.

Now your part is available in Fusion 360, you can use Fusion to render an image of your model, as a design reference when designing a Printed Circuit Board or you can prepare your part for additive or subtractive manufacture.

You could test out Fusions simulation tools, including Generative design – or simply collaborate with your colleagues by using your Inventor part inside a Fusion design.

How will you use ‘Send to Fusion 360’ in Inventor 2022?

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What about change?

When you make changes to your Inventor model, you can use send to Fusion 360 again to update the file in Fusion. Any settings or configurations you have created will automatically update inside of Fusion 360.

Send to Fusion 360 in Autodesk Inventor 2022 extends your manufacturing workflows from Inventor to Fusion 360 and enhances your collaboration with individuals inside and outside your organization.


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