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Autodesk Education July 26, 2021 1 min read

We would like to invite you to apply to participate in an Autodesk beta exam. Take advantage of early access to our newest certifications covering industry-validated advanced workflows in Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).  

Autodesk beta exams are key part of our certification exam development process and put you first in line to add our newest certifications to your résumé, for $35 USD (a $150 USD value), more than a 75% discount! 
Our current certifications in beta: 
Autodesk Certified Professional in CAM for 3 Axis Milling (Beta) 
Show your advanced skills in job and model preparation, tool paths, and inspection for 3 axis milling applications. 

Autodesk Certified Expert in CAM for Multi-axis Milling (Beta) 
Demonstrate your expert-level skills in process planning, tool path creation, and output for multi-axis milling applications. 
The exam window is closing on Aug 11. 

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