A Time For Gratitude

Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher November 10, 2021 1 min read

November is National Gratitude Month in the US, which is a perfect reminder to embrace gratefulness and all it can bring. Often, this can be seen as a directive to be grateful for something, like family, health, or good luck. However, gratitude can also be an active practice, independent of the current conditions of life. It can help cultivate an appreciation for the world as it is, absent of judgement. At Autodesk, this is how we are choosing to practice gratitude—by giving thanks for our blessings and appreciating the messiness that life inevitably brings.

Gratitude is much deeper than shifting toward positivity. Gratitude is all-inclusive; all feelings and states of being are welcome. In fact, gratitude and grief play off each other in a meaningful dance: The more obstacles, the more potential there is to consider what might require change, in action or perspective. The more practice dancing this dance, the more growth. Gratitude offers a lens to witness the good and the bad in life and treat it all as beautiful parts of the journey. And boy, have we all experienced grief in recent times!

As we practice gratitude, it’s important to reflect on the ways the past few years have shifted the company’s perspective on our culture and values. We are grateful for the turbulence, which helped us tap into the beauty and resilience of our community. A few recent examples:

We at Autodesk are deeply grateful for all the makers, creators, and innovators in this community. The educators, students, and lifelong learners. We see you and are here to say thank you.