Keeping Pace with Job Trends in Construction and Manufacturing

Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher November 17, 2021 1 min read

Jobs in manufacturing and construction are seeing a truly unprecedented amount of change, which impacts both professionals and students. The transition to a more digital work life has led companies to seek out different skill sets. To understand this trend, Autodesk commissioned a report from Emsi Burning Glass.

Titled “Skilled Beyond Degree: How Experience is Outpacing Education in Construction and Manufacturing Hiring,” the study delves into current and future trends for jobs, skill building, and education. It’s clear from these findings that industry trends must be in sync with education—and academia in sync with industry. As the workplace evolves, so will the skills educators embrace for their curricula.

Learn more about how experience is outpacing education in the construction and manufacturing industries, and how the culture of learning is keeping pace.