Autodesk & Smithsonian Arts & Industries FUTURES Exhibit

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Autodesk Education January 14, 2022 1 min read
Smithsonian FUTURES Exhibit
Within the Co-Lab, guests can play Future Communities, collaborating both with each other and AI to build a sustainable community block.

What is the Smithsonian FUTURES exhibit?

Built in 1881, the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building (AIB) was the United States’ first national museum, containing relics from across the country. After a nearly two-decade period of dormancy, AIB has recently reopened its doors, breathing new life into the building. As part of the Smithsonian’s 175th anniversary celebration, AIB’s FUTURES exhibit, spans 32, 000 square feet and showcases immersive works that explore imaginative possibilities for humanity’s next chapter.

As part of the Smithsonian FUTURES exhibit, Autodesk and the Smithsonian AIB teamed up to develop the Co-Lab, an experiential display featuring generative design, interactive experiences exploring sustainable community living, and stories that showcase the power of Human + AI collaboration.

The Smithsonian Arts and Industries FUTURES exhibit is currently open through July 2022; visitors are invited to explore their deepest questions about the future and how art, technology, design, and history will impact it. Learn more about what’s included in the exhibit here.