Summer won’t put the brakes on Fusion 360 learning and certifications

May 18, 2022

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When the school term gives way to summer, educators and students won’t need to put the learning aside. There are a wealth of opportunities for students to sharpen their Fusion 360 skills, and for educators to brush up on Fusion 360 learning tools and develop projects to share in the classroom when the fall term kicks in.

Have fun exploring the list of online classes and other resources below, including “Teacher’s Aid” videos and free workshops from Autodesk Authorized Learning partners. You can pass these resources along to students before you break for the summer, or share them on social media throughout the summer months.

Courses for high school students

Learn Fusion 360 in 90 minutes

Help students jumpstart their CAD knowledge and learn about Fusion 360 workflows, including guided instruction on how to create a design for a tea kettle. Students will need to create an Autodesk account to log in and complete all the modules.

Level Up from Tinkercad to Fusion 360

Introduce Fusion 360 to high school students who’ve already used Tinkercad. Students can follow a self-paced project to move their Tinkercad designs to Fusion 360.


Share Instructables projects that feature Fusion 360, such as creating a 3D-printed BATMAN logo. Students can use the Instructables “I Made It!” feature to share what they’ve made, or create their own Instructables course to share.

Competitions for Students and Teams

Get ready for competition season. Find many resources to fuel project idea development and preparation for student competitions around the world.

Courses for vocational college students

Learning Pathways are self-paced, modular courses from Autodesk that cater to a range of student skill levels. The courses can help your students learn industry skills that prepare them for certifications and help them land jobs.

Fusion 360 CAD for Mechanical Design

Explore the basics of becoming an Autodesk Certified Associate in CAD for Mechanical Design.

Fusion 360 CAM for 2.5 Axis Milling

Get students quickly up to speed and prepare them for the Autodesk Certified Associate certification for 2.5 Axis Milling.

Fusion 360 Design for Manufacturing

Give advanced students techniques for using Fusion 360 for design for manufacturing, and help them discover how to become an Autodesk Certified Professional in Design for Manufacturing.

Courses for four-year university students

Fusion 360 Generative Design for Manufacturing

Help students learn about advanced technology that uses machine learning, materials properties, manufacturing methods, and project constraints to generate optimal design solutions. This course includes an introduction to generative design and how to use it for adaptive manufacturing.

Fusion 360 CAM for Multi-Axis Milling

Show students how to program and control simultaneous motion in multiple axes at once. They also learn how to get the best manufacturing results with advanced CAM strategies using multi-axis milling.

Fusion 360 Simulation for Static Stress Analysis

Have students explore how simulation can speed up projects and ensure the best results. The course provides an in-depth overview of Simulation Analysis Studies to help students understand simulation from a conceptual and practical perspective.

Group projects

These exciting projects will unleash students’ creativity. Use them for inspiration for your own summer projects with student groups, or bring the projects as-is into your classroom in the fall.

3D-Printed Folding RC Land Yacht

Encourage your class to create their own competitions with remote-controlled (RC) vehicles. You can group students into small teams or they can compete individually.

Happy Birds! A World of Connected Bird Feeders

Have students research their local bird species and their preferred food and shelter, then design optimal internet- and camera-enabled bird feeders.

O3-enabled BLE Weather Station Predicting Air Quality with Tensor Flow

Run a fun experiment that combines design, manufacturing, programming, machine learning, and electronics. Students build a weather station that collects weather and air-quality information, then train a TensorFlow neural network model to predict air-quality levels.


Choose projects such as making a speed vise or a fidget spinner. Each project-in-a-box includes downloadable descriptive videos, setup sheets, and drawings.

Teacher’s Aid videos to share via social media

Autodesk Student Ambassadors—college and university students across the United States—are creating “Teacher’s Aid” videos to offer their favorite Fusion 360 tips and advice to other students. Find these videos on the Autodesk Education YouTube channel, such as this one featuring a Purdue University senior explaining how to use CAD models created by other software systems in Fusion 360.

Workshops from Autodesk Authorized Learning Partners

Educators can receive technical support and training through Autodesk Authorized Learning Partners (ALPs). The ALPs offer advanced courses with Autodesk Certified Instructors through authorized training centers and virtual workshops. Working with an ALP provides support for professional advancement, helps educators gain proficiency in Autodesk software, and improves their ability to integrate software into their classrooms.

Autodesk Learning Partners are offering a fully funded virtual workshop that will quickly bring educators up to speed on Fusion 360 software. The workshop comes with a free plug-and-play CAD/CAM curriculum to provide students with a solid grounding in CAD/CAM fundamentals, plus manufacturing and engineering skills. To learn more about the workshop and to register, click here.

Share all of these courses and projects with your students and faculty colleagues as the spring term comes to an end—and get ready to talk about everyone’s accomplishments when the fall term begins.

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