• Woman working with a generatively designed part at the Autodesk San Francisco Technology Center.

    Upskilling and Reskilling the Workforce

    A major challenge in the life of any professional is competence—whether one is competent for the job at hand, how to maintain that level of competence, and how to prepare for future changes. If you layer onto this the speed at which technology is accelerating and the evolving nature of how we work, professionals all […]

  • Online Teaching Strategies for the Transition to Remote Learning

    Schools and universities all over the world have closed due to COVID-19, and to say the transition to online learning has happened quickly is an understatement. Almost overnight, educational institutions have had to reimagine what teaching looks like through the lens of a virtual environment and likewise, teachers have borne the brunt of the responsibility […]

  • A person scraping off rough edges on a 3d printed ribcage

    Somerset Community College Uses Generative Design as Distinguishing Factor in Curriculum

    It all started with Heather Beebe’s skull—her 3D printed skull, that is. Beebe was a pre-med student collaborating with Eric Wooldridge, professor and head of the additive manufacturing program at Somerset Community College (SCC)in Kentucky. Together, they worked to3D print an actual MRI scan of Beebe’s skull, with the goal of helping to illustrate innovative […]

  • Swing arm

    Cycling and Academia Team Up to Explore Thousands of Design Solutions for Swingarm

    University of Bristol engineering student combines his love of mountain biking with a curiosity about generative design to offer A.I.-powered solutions to a cycling company in the UK.  The story begins with a fortuitous meeting in a garden shed over a cup of tea. Engineering student Ben Boxer contacted Joe McEwan—an accomplished engineer who was in the process of turning his hobby of designing […]