Category: Industry Collaboration

  • Grant Eshima Program Specialist at Kimochi, children, and senior collaborate in Tinkercad

    How Bay-Area Senior Citizens Preserve Culture Through Teaching 3D Design

    Bay-Area nonprofit Kimochi created a program to connect seniors with children in the community using technology as a common ground. The program teaches seniors the useful skills of 3D design and printing, which they impart to the kids. 

  • Swing arm

    Cycling and Academia Team Up to Explore Thousands of Design Solutions for Swingarm

    University of Bristol engineering student combines his love of mountain biking with a curiosity about generative design to offer A.I.-powered solutions to a cycling company in the UK.  The story begins with a fortuitous meeting in a garden shed over a cup of tea. Engineering student Ben Boxer contacted Joe McEwan—an accomplished engineer who was in the process of turning his hobby of designing […]