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Netfabb Additive Manufacturing Blog

Netfabb Basic is Now Just Netfabb

Brian Sather
October 18, 2016
Part after repair in Netfabb


We care about desktop 3D printing and the vibrant community of engineers, designers and makers who use our software to realize their designs. When Autodesk acquired netfabb in 2015, we knew how important netfabb Basic was to its many users. When we released the latest update of Netfabb 2017, we changed the way you can get the basic version of Netfabb. We unfortunately did not include that detail in our original announcement, and we’d like to use this post to update our users and clarify some points.

Instead of downloading netfabb Basic as a separate product, all customers have to do now is download the free Netfabb trial. For the first 30 days, users will have access to all the features of Netfabb Premium, including advanced packing, support structures and support for metal additive systems. When the trial expires, the software will continue to run with the same functionality that was previously netfabb Basic. For most users, it’s still the same basic Netfabb you know and love and can be used to preview, fix, and analyze STLs and much more.  Unfortunately, we do not currently offer support for Mac or Linux users.

We made this change for many reasons. By accessing the basic version of Netfabb through the free trial, users get access to:

  1. The advanced features available in Netfabb Premium, making it easy to see if they’re right for your business or project
  2. A free product that is updated and improved right alongside the core, professional products
  3. New capabilities like unified materials definitions and machine support

After the trial, if you choose not to renew your subscription, you still maintain access to all files and have basic printing and prep functionality. The paid features like metal supports will no longer be available, but users will still be able to open saved projects, slice them, and print them.

The team is committed to maintaining a free version of Netfabb as a high-quality tool for 3D viewing, repair, selective printing, and more.  We will continue to update our customers on any changes, updates and new features here on the Netfabb blog.

Brian Sather