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What’s New in Autodesk Netfabb: March 2018 Release (version 2018.3)

Kimberly Stout
April 11, 2018

With the latest release of Netfabb (2018.3) all tiers will notice improvements to the core functionality and user experience, as well as updates to the Simulation, PowerShape, and Advanced Toolpath Utilities.

Let’s dive into just a few of the new capabilities we’re excited about:

Simulation is now available within Autodesk Netfabb!

We’re proud to announce that Netfabb Ultimate subscribers now have access to a more powerful solution with the addition of Simulation capabilities.

Netfabb Ultimate customers can now run limited-complexity simulations locally with a lightweight interface designed to simulate the additive process of parts within metal powder bed fusion printers. Additionally, both Netfabb Premium & Ultimate subscribers have the option to run simulations of models of unlimited complexity on the Autodesk Cloud.

For a breakdown of the simulation capabilities available in each tier of Netfabb, go here.

Local computer specifications: 4 core 16GB ram Mesh details: ~130k Nodes, ~4.5M Layer-Nodes Solve times: Thermal solve time: 7 minutes Mechanical solve time: 19 minutes Total solve time: 26 minutes

Tech Preview – Simulation Driven Support Structures

Instead of manually modifying the support structures after simulation, you can now thicken up supports with a density map. To calculate density map information, simply load the mechanical results from Netfabb Local Simulation and select or define formulas to convert them into the actual density map values.

For more information on this feature (available in tech preview), see here.

Convert Tessellated Models to Solid CAD Files

Netfabb now has the ability to convert free form mesh files to solid CAD models.  This allows you to edit the converted file in CAD, or save it to your data management system.

1. Original STL

2. After execution of the NEW Mesh to Brep function

3. Export as STEP, SAT or IGES

For a step-by-step on how to do this, click here.

Workspace for FormLabs Form 2

A new workspace for the Formlabs Form 2 desktop 3d printer is now available in Netfabb Standard, with access to SLA supports, lattice assistant and a perforation tool. Formlabs‘ software comes with its own functionality: Repair, Scale, Orient, Support. The Form 2 workspace in Netfabb adds Lattice Assistant and the Perforation tool to help users save material – on top of the full Netfabb Standard functionality.

There are many other improvements available in Netfabb 2018.3 Check out the full list here.

If you have an idea for a new feature, a machine you would like Netfabb to support, or if you’re just looking for help or advice, reach out to the team via the Netfabb Forum.

Kimberly Stout

I am a Social Media & Community Manager, focused on the topics of Generative Design, Additive Manufacturing, and Autodesk's vision for the Future of Making Things.