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Formlabs Integration With Autodesk Netfabb

Kimberly Stout
April 24, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, we announced our latest Autodesk Netfabb release (2018.3) and highlighted a few of the new capabilities that we think you’ll be most excited about – one of those updates being the new workspace for the Formlabs Form 2 desktop 3d printer, now available in Netfabb Standard. If you’re looking for more detail, check out this announcement from Rapid + TCT, highlighting a few key features of the user integration between FormLabs 2 and Autodesk Netfabb:


Somerville, Mass., April 23, 2018 – At Rapid, April 23-26, 2018, Formlabs, the designer and manufacturer of powerful and accessible 3D printing systems, has announced its streamlined user integration with Autodesk’s Netfabb® Software.

Key features for the Form 2 within Netfabb include:
– New Workspace: Load a Form 2 in your machine workspace – in Netfabb, users will be able to connect directly to PreForm, Formlabs’ print preparation software.
– Custom Supports: Create and modify your own support strategy to optimize parts for the Form 2.
– Lattice Assistant: Easily hollow and add lattice structures and perforation holes to your model to save print time and materials usage without compromising on part properties – on top of the full Netfabb Standard functionality.

Read the full press release and find out how you can engage with Autodesk + Formlabs at Rapid here.

Kimberly Stout

I am a Social Media & Community Manager, focused on the topics of Generative Design, Additive Manufacturing, and Autodesk's vision for the Future of Making Things.