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What’s New in Autodesk Netfabb 2019

Kimberly Stout
July 19, 2018

Netfabb 2019 is here! This latest release brings updates to two of the most powerful Netfabb features: simulation and latticing, in addition to new features focused on improved productivity – from new support actions, to machine workspaces and new cloud viewing.


Cloud based, multi-scale, metal powder bed process simulation is now available for Netfabb subscribers beginning at the Premium tier.

With metal additive manufacturing, the stakes are high. Materials are expensive and lead times are continually compressed. The ability to anticipate your outcomes can often save the day, and the project. From additive consultancies to industrial innovation labs and research facilities, industry leaders turn to Netfabb Simulation.  Now, this same simulation capability is available in the cloud, allowing you the ability to pay for simulation only when you need it.

Here’s how it works:

Netfabb simulation uses a multi-scale modeling approach.

  • For ultimate accuracy, input machine parameters and material properties to develop your PRM file.
  • Simulate large complex parts with a fully predictive part-scale simulation which captures the complex thermal and mechanical interaction between parts during the build process.
  • As you see in the chart below, the cloud credit cost for a PRM file is fixed, but part-scale simulation is dependent upon the complexity of your parts. When you submit a simulation, you will receive a price for the simulation cloud credit cost and have the ability to proceed or stop.

Check out the Netfabb simulation page for full Simulation capabilities.  Details on Autodesk cloud credits are here.

In addition to cloud-based simulation now being available, there are also a few new updates to improve your experience. The PRM library has been redesigned to give you visibility into process parameters – you can now edit PRM files directly from the library, and more.

Premium capability: Latticing

Latticing is another advanced functionality of Netfabb with a new improved ease of use, and now, manual latticing is available to customers subscribing at the Premium tier. Whether you are looking to save on material costs or lightweight a part, if you subscribe to Netfabb Premium, that’s now possible.

By the way, to keep it simple, now all Netfabb lattice functionality is accessible from a single location.


Whether you are trying to minimize your prep for additive production time, or get sign-off from a colleague or customers, we are always thinking about what we can update to make you more productive, or give you some time back into your day.

Netfabb 2019 comes with a few key things we hope you will find useful!

1) Re-play function: Change in geometry from the design team after your support strategy is already finalized? No problem. Press re-play and your manual or script-based supports will re-generate to support the new structure.

2) Delete supports by criteria: No need to delete supports one at a time- you define the criteria for deletion and it’s done!

3) Shared Viewing and Cloud Storage: Need to quickly share a file for approval with a colleague or customer? Load your file to cloud storage and share a simple browser-based link. Anyone can view your files and make comments so you can get into production more quickly!

4) My Machines Workspace: Whether you have access to a single 3D printer, or more, this new My Machines workspace will simplify your life! Using this workspace, you can streamline your machine operations by defining custom-built platforms or adding machines from Netfabb’s machine library, to your custom machine list. You can categorize your machines and filter them based on manufacturer or technology. You can also assign custom geometry repair and support creation scripts to your machines.

In addition, Netfabb 2019 includes a new workspace for the DMG Mori Lasertec 30 and features updated Form2 integration, giving you direct access to Form2 from Netfabb.

Check out the full list of Netfabb 2019 updates here.

If you have an idea for a new feature, a machine you would like Netfabb to support, or if you’re just looking for help or advice, reach out to the team via the Netfabb Forum.

– Netfabb Product Team

Kimberly Stout

I am a Social Media & Community Manager, focused on the topics of Generative Design, Additive Manufacturing, and Autodesk's vision for the Future of Making Things.