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Netfabb Additive Manufacturing Blog

New Authentise and Autodesk Workflow

Kimberly Stout
November 9, 2018

We’re excited to work with Authentise to create a seamless workflow experience for additive users. Whether in R&D, prototyping or production, current operations are spending significant time on manual operations. Just like us, Authentise is focused on eliminating that waste so that engineers and operators can focus on application development and other creative tasks.

Netfabb and Authentise complement each other exceptionally well. While Autodesk Netfabb is one of the most powerful software solutions in the industry for preparing, orienting, and simulating your models to ensure successfully printed 3d parts, Authentise manages the associated workflow, focused on quoting, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting.

As part of a new workflow, users of Authentise products can now load geometries directly into Netfabb with a single press of a button.

Once in Netfabb, the user can make any required changes to orientation or supports, then save the edited files back to Authentise with a click of the mouse. Engineering events such as this are saved and tracked in Authentise’s Traceability Report. This will give users an up-to-date version control of the geometry, as well as the entire production process, including material, machine, operator and post-production events.

This is just the beginning. If additive is to industrialize, we will need integrations throughout the value chain of getting an idea into an additive manufacturing device. Beyond project review, Authentise will also be enabling direct interaction with Netfabb to review the Build before production. Once the build has been scheduled using Authentise’s prioritization engine, users will be able to review the final orientation and support in Netfabb before moving the part to the machine. No matter when the design is produced, Authentise’s direct machine connectivity will allow you to track the part in real time and, you guessed it, attach the resulting data into the Traceability Report.

“We are delighted to work with Authentise to connect the additive production workflow from start to finish,” says Robert Yancey, Director for Manufacturing and Production Industry Strategy at Autodesk. “Together, we will not only ensure cohesive user experiences but work to connect production feedback directly with the design, and vice versa.”

We’ve charted out a durable collaboration with Authentise to give users an integrated experience. Autodesk and Authentise will continue to focus on industrializing additive manufacturing.

To learn more about Autodesk Netfabb, go here.


Kimberly Stout

I am a Social Media & Community Manager, focused on the topics of Generative Design, Additive Manufacturing, and Autodesk's vision for the Future of Making Things.