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3 months ago

What’s New in ReCap Pro 2023

Autodesk ReCap Pro keeps getting better 

This is the update you’ve been waiting for. Autodesk® ReCap™ Pro has always been dedicated providing AEC professionals the best experience for project reality capture data handling, registration, and visualization capabilities. Last year, we delivered the capability to share RealView 360 images via the Autodesk cloud environment.

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Reality Solutions Roadmap – September 2021

We are pleased to provide an update to our Public Roadmap for ReCap products and services.

This roadmap may make statements regarding future events and development efforts for our products and services. These statements reflect our current expectations based on what we know today. Our plans are not intended to be a promise or guarantee of future delivery of products,

Rita Bachkhanji

Introducing ReCap Pro 2022

Our AEC customers are continuously looking to digitalize their projects and efficiently capture real-world conditions in the best way possible. Based on your feedback and suggestions, we’ve delivered ongoing improvements to Autodesk® ReCap™ Pro software, enhancing your reality capture workflows. You and your teams can rely on ReCap Pro to capture data and generate a more accurate 3D representation of existing conditions, 

Rita Bachkhanji

Important updates to A360 drive

A360 Drive is now Read-Only, and will be retired in September 2020. Please refer to this page for more information

Rita Bachkhanji

Introducing ReCap Pro 2021

Introducing our newest release of ReCap Pro

Here at Autodesk, we see tremendous value in reality capture. As part of the AEC collection, ReCap Pro – our reality capture software – helps users better understand and verify existing and as-built conditions. ReCap Pro, not only transforms the physical world into a digital asset – whether it’s a building,

Rita Bachkhanji

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