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[Customer story] Architecture firm cuts project cost by 50% with ReCap 360 Pro

Tasia Potasinski
August 8, 2016

[Customer story] Architecture firm cuts project cost by 50% with ReCap 360 Pro

Pictured above, the 3D point cloud of Mercy Hospital in ReCap 360 Pro.

Mercy Hospital is the 5th largest Catholic healthcare organization in the U.S. Recently, one of their large hospital branches in Jefferson County, Missouri, was due for a renovation.

The task? Create new entries, new hallways, and new clinics and to improve patient way-finding and to create room for new services.

To complete the project, Mercy Hospital partnered with Bates Architecture & Planning, an award-winning architecture and planning company. Bates had worked with Autodesk portfolio products in the past, and was eager to see what ReCap 360 Pro could do to help make the design, construction, and renovation process much easier for this massive renovation project.

[Customer story] Architecture firm cuts project cost by 50% with ReCap

Marin Pastar, pictured above (facing the camera), reviewing ReCap 360 Pro and Revit files of the Mercy Hospital renovation project with his team.

Bates laser scanned the interior and exterior of the hospital and uploaded this data to ReCap 360 Pro for data visualization and conceptual modeling. ReCap 360 Pro offers huge time savings as the software automatically registers laser scans, creating a 3D point cloud in just a few minutes. From there, team members and project stakeholders can collaborate in ReCap 360 to leave comments, take measurements, and prepare the file for further editing and design in other Autodesk products.

Marin Pastar, the Director of Innovations at Bates, had this to say about the experience:

“I estimate it was approximately a 50% reduction in cost by using 3D laser scanning vs. trying to capture all the same information with a traditional 2D surveyor. However, the biggest savings was the time savings – this was probably the shortest time frame project of the largest scope.”

“We were thrilled with ReCap’s capabilities, and we plan on using it a lot more in the future.”

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Learn more about ReCap 360 here.

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