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Intelligent 3D Modeling at an Affordable Rate

Tasia Potasinski
June 17, 2016

ReCap Pro’s reality capture software is making waves in the industry. Pro is used by experts in the building, renovation, construction, and complex modeling fields to capture as-built, reality data of real-world objects. With the latest version of Pro, it’s never been easier to create 3D virtual models from laser scans & photos (or both).

Today, ReCap is mostly used to help building, renovation, and industrial modeling projects become safer and more efficient. General contractors and site surveyors no longer need to break out measuring tools to complete a renovation project & plan for the amount of materials needed. Now, they can simply capture an office space, an entire building, or construction site by taking aerial images or lasers scans of the area. This technology has wide-ranging uses even beyond the building and renovation industry – it’s been used to document and preserve coral reefs, and even to improve outdoor concert experiences.

ReCap has been a market leader in 3D capture software and now we’re offering it at a rate that’s more accessible to everyone — from surveying specialists to general contractors, architects, and engineers:

$40/month or $300/year

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ReCap gives you access to:

One architecture firm used these features with Revit and saw a 325% ROI on a recent renovation and expansion project. You can try ReCap Pro and see the results yourself.

Try it free for 30 days.

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Tasia Potasinski

Tasia is an avid marketing manager focusing on content creation and demand generation. More recently, she's become fascinated by the world of reality capture and photogrammetry.