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International Reality Capture Workshop 2019 in Volterra

January 8, 2019


In October, 2016, an international team of architects, engineers, historians, and students embarked on a journey of great significance to digitally reconstruct and preserve many of the historically significant architectural, archeological and artistic treasures of the ancient city of Volterra, Italy. The results of our first workshop and subsequent workshops in June, 2017 and April, 2018 have had great value to the City of Volterra and have been recognized by nearly 40 international publications.

In addition to having produced spectacular photo-realistic virtual replicas which may be used to share the experience of the city to anyone in the world and for the city to have precise documentation for potential future reconstruction, the data has been used for research on ancient architecture which has resulted in significant discoveries which and have been presented at several prestigious international archaeological conferences. If you’d like to learn more, you can read on about the other workshops and projects here.

The Workshop

The workshop, which will take place from March 31st to April 13th 2019, will provide an international educational experience in which participants will learn to use innovative reality capture and virtual reality technologies to collaboratively produce three dimensional computer models of the ancient City of Volterra, its archaeological remains and some of its treasured artwork. This workshop will provide the participants hands-on experience in using drones and cameras through photogrammetric technologies and laser scanners to capture the city and some of its treasured artworks into digital models which will be experienced through virtual reality systems.

The workshop will be led by subject matter specialists from Autodesk and Case Technologies and will take place at the Volterra International Residential College. It will provide an unprecedented opportunity for participants to learn hands-on about these new, innovative technologies while collaboratively producing digital replicas of one of the most beautiful cities in the world while living and working there for two weeks.

Register for the workshop here. You don’t want to miss this.

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  1. Avatarcivilguy08

    What is the current max of photos that can be processed in Recap Photo?

  2. AvatarShuaibY

    Wish events like these were held here in South Africa or closer, really wish I could be there.