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International Reality Capture Workshop in Volterra

Annie Phan
April 9, 2018

An extraordinary reality capture experience


In October 2016, an international team of architects, engineers, historians, and students participated in a two-week project to digitally capture key sites in Volterra, as well as the walled-in portion of the city itself. Led by Autodesk, Case Technologies, and the Volterra-Detroit Foundation, the group used Faro laser scanners and camera-mounted 3DR drones to capture the sites. Located on a hilltop in Tuscany, the city of Volterra’s recorded history dates back almost 3000 years, when Etruscan craftsman used locally-mined alabaster to carve funerary urns and sarcophagi. It is one of the few cities that still has significant structures from the Etruscan, Roman, and Medieval periods.

Following the AIA-award-winning workshop and visit in June of last year, Lenovo, Case Technologies, Autodesk, and the Volterra-Detroit foundation have partnered to offer an exciting experience.

A 12-day reality capture workshop will be held in Volterra, Italy April 15th through April 28th.

Professionals and students with interests in architecture, urban design and planning, historic preservation, archeology, art history, and public relations, marketing or tourism will get hands-on experience in photogrammetry, laser scanning, and modeling for virtual reality and augmented reality.

Featured Autodesk software: ReCap, Revit, Revit Live, 3DS Max Interactive (formerly Stingray), Civil 3D, and InfraWorks.

Download a FREE 30-day trial of ReCap Pro here.

Annie Phan

Annie is a member of the Autodesk civil infrastructure marketing team and she is passionate about helping civil engineering customers drive design efficiency, better decisions, and better design outcomes with Autodesk BIM software.


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  1. Avatarfrosasanchez

    hello Annie,
    I can’t identify edges or surfaces in a point cloud imported into Autocad or Revit
    The point cloud was created with ReCap from 100 aereal photos taken by drone
    how can I use the poin cloud in Revit or ACAD?

  2. Avataring.anelli

    How can I have information about and I can share my works made using my drones and an aerophotogrammetric software. Please feel free to visit my domain Regards

    1. Annie PhanAnnie Phan (Post author)

      Hi Antonio,
      Are you interested in signing up for the Volterra workshop? You can register here:

      If you would like to share your projects that were produced with Autodesk tools, feel free to send us a message on Facebook: or tag us in your social posts:

      Facebook: @autodesk.recap
      Twitter: @AutodeskReCap