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Enjoy expanded photogrammetry capabilities of ReCap Photo, our new desktop and cloud solution built for UAV and drone processes. Read frequently asked questions.

We see how laser scanners are democratizing reality capture and the same can be said of drones. Previously, aerial surveying methods meant spending tens of thousands of dollars to charter a one-time scan from a professional service company using LiDAR-equipped plane. Now, it is possible to do the same work with a drone or UAV, which has dramatically reduced the cost and increased the accessibility of site reality capture. Additionally, drones have made it easier to safely capture hard-to-access or inaccessible areas where traditional surveying could be dangerous or impractical.

These improvements are not just limited to hardware, as enhancements in software are also changing the way we work. Through automation and the computing power of the cloud, software is speeding up and automating the once tedious process of registering (stitching) and editing captured information.

That’s where ReCap Pro comes in. ReCap Pro has made it easier for our customers to deliver their projects with more accuracy and efficiency, by facilitating the creation of highly accurate virtual models that can be imported and used in Autodesk design products such as AutoCAD, Revit, Infraworks, Civil 3D, Navisworks, and more.

See what our customers are doing with ReCap Pro.

Now, we’re happy to unveil ReCap Photo, our new cloud-based solution tailored for UAV photo capturing processes. ReCap Photo is a desktop app which utilizes Autodesk’s upgraded Photo-to-3D cloud service, The addition of ReCap Photo expands the value of a ReCap Pro subscription with features to support UAV and drone photo capture workflows. Using ReCap Photo you can create photo textured meshes, photo-based point clouds with geolocation, and high-resolution orthographic views with elevation maps.

Features and benefits of ReCap Photo include:

  • A new photogrammetry engine that can process up to 1,000 photos, a 4x improvement from the previous maximum of 250 photos (note: using the cloud service consumes Autodesk Cloud Credits)
  • The ability to set GPCs (Ground Control Points, survey points) in any coordinate system.
  • New functionality to support vertical and nadir photos (photos taken by drones and UAVs at 90 degrees above the site)
  • View your 3D photo-textured mesh
  • View the geolocated orthographic view, zoom in and out, and add measurements, tags, and annotations.
  • Share the project, including its additional metadata (measurements, tags, annotations), with anyone.
  • Merge laser scan point clouds with UAV-based point clouds.

Sign up for ReCap Pro


Watch these videos to get an introduction to ReCap Photo and learn how to set Ground Control Points (GCPs) in any coordinate system.


Installing ReCap Photo (requires subscription to ReCap Pro)

To access ReCap Photo, sign in to your Autodesk Account:

  • Go to the Management tab
  • Select the latest ReCap Pro version and click on “Install Now”
  • Our ReCap Pro installer will then allow you to install both ReCap Pro and ReCap Photo desktop apps.


Recommended companion software

For orthographic views, we recommend Autodesk InfraWorks or AutoCAD Civil 3D to create measurements and overlay drawings or CAD models. Point clouds can be imported into any Autodesk software for design, such as Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Civil 3D, InfraWorks, 3ds Max, and Stingray.

ReCap Pro offers a complete solution, allowing integration of laser scan and UAV scan data for accurate, 3D modeling. You can access cloud-powered reality data across multiple platforms – web, desktop app, and now in the field with your iPad. ReCap Pro integrates with most hardware.

Sign up for ReCap Pro  or read frequently asked questions.




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Annie Phan

Annie is a member of the Autodesk civil infrastructure marketing team and she is passionate about helping civil engineering customers drive design efficiency, better decisions, and better design outcomes with Autodesk BIM software.


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  7. Avatarthaipham

    Hi Annie, I downloaded the Recap pro, but how ever I can not import photos with extension Jpg. When I goes to Autodeskrecap360, it asks me to have the Recap Photo, I had the Recap photo installed. Can you show me how to import the photo under Autodeskrecap360, regards,

  8. AvatarjcolmenaresALUTH

    Hello Anni,
    Can you please let me know.
    * if the software is working offline or only online
    * if the process allows obtaining image/ processing log
    * for how many days can i try the software?
    Kindly regards for your time and energy.

  9. Avatarsiso19

    Hello, is there any way to input user coordinate system in Recap and Recap Photo. I cannot find Croatian coordinate system. The one on the list is older coordinate system and it is not in use anymore. The new one is called HTRS96/TM, with HTRS96 datum and GRS80 ellipsoid and TM transformation. Than you

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  11. AvatarRussianbadass

    Hi, I’m trying to upload my photos into ReCap Photo, but when I do so the “waiting in queue” always stops at 1%. What do I do? Is it a problem with the photos, am I importing my photos into the wrong place? Thank you in advance.


    I download recap pro and when I am trying to open the recap pro photo icon i see a message for update,i open the link but i dont know my recaps version to download the correct update.How can I do that?

  13. Avatarlalaly

    i download recap pro and i have only one icon on my desktop and no ReCap Photo™…

  14. Avatarnckreuz

    and when I downloaded recap pro, there was no information for the additional recap photo section.

    1. Mitko VidanovskiMitko Vidanovski

      Hi Nckreuz,
      When you download ReCap it will install two icons on your desktop. One is for point cloud data and handling laser scanners, and the other is ReCap Photo for editing and converting photos into 3D models.

  15. Avatarnckreuz

    where can I download recap pro? I have no clue where to look for it. I am on a test trial, can I not access recap photo if i’m on a trial version? there are no video tutorials for beginners here.

  16. Avatarnckreuz

    ok. now I’ve tried uploading my images to create a model. I redirects me to this page every time. I am not sure where to find recap photo. I have jpg images I am trying to convert. do I upload them to the 360 page? how do I convert them? how do I import them? do I import them back into regular recap? there really aren’t any tutorials for this. I’m a newbie here.

  17. Avatarfkager

    I am trying to figure out Recap Photo. I have made a model with GCP, Easting and Northing seems fine. But the height is wrong. There is a clear height difference in the field but it is not visible in the model. At the GCP the model has the correct height. But the total model looks like an oblique but almost flat surface. Does someone know what could have gone wrong?



    I’m interested in getting a point cloud of an existing building/site, and considered using ReCap to achieve this. Can someone suggest what would be more worthwhile: a) hiring a professional who can do all the work for me including flying the drone and doing the imaging, or b) purchasing a drone and camera, and learning how to use ReCap to create my model? I don’t necessarily plan to be doing much drone flying, although I do think it’s pretty awesome, but I will really need that point cloud for a project. Does anyone know the approximate cost of each? Any input is appreciated.


    1. Mitko VidanovskiMitko Vidanovski

      Hi Andres, good UAV’s with good camera are somewhere in the $1,000 range. You should also ask for professional advice before trying it out by yourself.


    Hi, I’m trying to test my drone data compared to my laser scan data of some stock piles. I have uploaded 460 photos through ReCap Pro and let the software stitch it together, which it did. Now I want to add GCP from Total Station and Laser Scan Points. How do I go back into my project and add GCP and reprocess, letting it adjust accordingly? I see post about an Autodesk Fly service but am unable to find it on the Autodesk site? You should be able to pull photos in and out or add to your project without creating a new project everytime or simply compare your results with and without ground control. Any help is appreciated.


      Hi, you would have to start a new project with the same photos and GCP data in ReCap Photo. There isn’t a way to add GCP data to an already processed project for now. Thank you for the feedback.
      – Karthik

  20. AvatarCeline92


    I used to use Autodesk ReCap online, but it mentions that:
    From the 1st of December photo project creation will only be available through the new ReCap Photo™, which offers expanded processing capabilities.

    But I work on a mac… Is there any way I can keep using the online ReCap?
    Please do let me know what are the options available for me.


    1. Mitko VidanovskiMitko Vidanovski

      Hi Celine, I’m afraid the only option available for Mac users would by using Bootcamp and Windows. I see the Photo-to-3D option is still available through the browser so you can take advantage of that until it is completely out.

  21. Avatarmoridegozaru

    Hello, Annie.
    Please tell me.
    I am using Remake’s offline.
    The following is a 3D sample of a person or an animal I made with Remake.
    Can Recap Photo capture realistic 3D data that is equivalent or superior?
    Also, will offline features disappear?

    nice to meet you,

    1. Mitko VidanovskiMitko Vidanovski

      Hi there,
      Definitely try ReCap Photo, it should produce the same and if not better results now with the latest engine that has been upgraded.
      Though through ReCap Photo you’ll not have the local processing.



    ER0000: This error may have caused by corrupted RCP project. If you recently created a project and published to web, then delete this project from A360 Drive project folder, then try viewing again.

    Please, let me know if this helps.

    Thank you,

  23. Avatarcarowley2PKM6

    ReCap Pro needs to have local processing for those of us that do work out in the field. Autodesk Remake was a great piece of software and should live on. I am truly disappointed with Autodesk ReCap.


    Hello! Help … ReCep shows an error after processing the photo!



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    Annie, I’ve got exactly the same issue as elantrisQN6CP. I am re-installing ReCap Photo from the manager site (I installed the 2018 package a week ago). Perversely, Memento used to work fine. This instability in platforms is really getting to be a problem

    1. Avatardevangshah

      Hello Brent,

      To get ReCap Photo desktop application installed, you need to install the latest ReCap installer:
      Base install: Autodesk_ReCap_4202_Multilingual_R3_Win_64bit_dlm.sfx.exe

      The ‘R3’ version is ReCap version + ReCap Photo.

      If you have already installed ReCap from the following:
      and its subsequent update, version, it is ok.

      Simply download Autodesk_ReCap_4202_Multilingual_R3_Win_64bit_dlm.sfx.exe and launch the installer. You can then select only ReCap Photo to be installed on the machine.


    2. Annie PhanAnnie Phan (Post author)

      Hi Brent, are you still seeing an issue?


    Until a hard drive failure, and loss of Remake, I have been a proponent of Autodesk software since my first install of 3D Studio in 1987. Unfortunately, the fact that ReCap Pro processing must be performed in “the cloud”, and my study is mostly in remote locations without an internet connection, the software is useless for my application. I will be uninstalling my fresh install of ReCap and finding alternatives offered by other vendors because without the ability to process on a local machine, my research in the efficacy of incorporating 3D documentation in archaeological settings can no longer proceed.

    1. Annie PhanAnnie Phan (Post author)

      We understand that this will impact some folks like yourself while we hope the new cloud solutions will work for most. Please don’t hesitate to reach us at to voice your concern or if there’s anything we can assist you with.

    2. Avatarcarowley2PKM6

      I could not agree more. Sorry but for those of us that work with hardware and software Annie cloud computing is not a solution for remote locations where cell phone service is non exisiting. To visit these locations than to leave to head hours away to possibly get a signal, wifi, or some sort of internet access and then to wait in que than finally the model finishes to see the object not coming out successfully is deter-mental to those of us that work out in the field. Please bring back local processing. Those of us who spent the money to meet recommended hardware specifications of Autodesk Remake to speed up the workflow and to work out in the field. Than the cost of cloud credits is absurd please I will pay a yearly fee for local processing.

  29. AvatarBJHollister

    Hi. I’d like to try the new Recap Photo, but I’m getting conflicting version number information. Can you verify my install files are the correct ones?

    Base install = Autodesk_ReCap_4202_Multilingual_R2_Win_64bit_dlm.sfx.exe
    update patch = AutodeskReCap_v4.2.0.2_to_v4.2.1.7_x64.msp

    1. AvatarBJHollister

      When I try to download the latest install from, this is the file I’m getting Autodesk_ReCap360_22025_Multilingual_Win_64bit_dlm.sfx.exe

      That one seems old to me……. Not sure what I should be installing to get the latest Recap Photo, but I’m without admin rights and need to request any install activity – I’d like to be sure I have the correct files before I go through the IT process. Thanks

    2. Annie PhanAnnie Phan (Post author)

      Hi Brad, thanks for getting in touch. I’m contacting our support team. We’ll follow up with you shortly.

    3. Mitko VidanovskiMitko Vidanovski

      Hi Brad, your first version seems right. After install you should see two icons on your desktop one being for ReCap Photo. Thank you for your interest!

    4. AvatarBJHollister

      Thanks Annie and Mitko. I’ve opened an Autodesk support ticket to address this issue, I’ll reply here once we resolve the problem.

    5. Avatardevangshah

      To get ReCap Photo, you need to install the latest ReCap installer:
      Base install: Autodesk_ReCap_4202_Multilingual_R3_Win_64bit_dlm.sfx.exe
      The ‘R3’ version is ReCap version + ReCap Photo.

      If you have already installed ReCap from the following:
      and its subsequent update, it is ok.

      Simply download Autodesk_ReCap_4202_Multilingual_R3_Win_64bit_dlm.sfx.exe and launch the installer. You can then select only ReCap Photo to be installed.



    If we are current Recap Pro subscribers, can this be purchased and added to the end of our current subscription? How does this apply if our current licenses are managed by a central account manager?

    1. Annie PhanAnnie Phan (Post author)

      Hi, ReCap Photo already comes with your ReCap Pro subscription. To access, sign in to your Autodesk account at, look for the latest version of ReCap Pro and re-install. Through this single installation process, you’ll have the option to also install ReCap Photo. Let us know if you have any issues with this.

  31. AvataragrammondCHJGL

    I think i recall seeing something about being able to use regular digital photos (Cell phone or digital camera) instead of UAV images to create content as well. Is this possible still?

    How do you relate the coordinate system to photos?
    This is also a questions for drone images that might not be GEO located by the drone.

    Do you need targets or can you select points common between the pictures themselves?

    Does the UAV need to have Geolocation navagation or can a basic one with a camera mount work.
    I have a drone that will take photos or video from the remote, its not self navigating or first person though.

    1. Mitko VidanovskiMitko Vidanovski

      Hi there, thank you for asking.
      In general yes to all of your questions 🙂
      ReCap can work with any type of rectangular camera.
      Either if you are using UAV’s or ground images you can add coordinates on any ReCap Photo project before or after submitting for processing.
      These control points can be anything you see that has overlap on the other images, basically everything is a “target”
      Basic UAV’s work too. What ReCap cares is just the quality of the photographs.

  32. AvatarelantrisQN6CP

    When I am on it tells me to use the RECAP PHOTO program which will replace the old version. I’ve got the newest Recap Pro version on my computer. Creating a new project from photos brings me to instead of using the actual program. So my question is : Are you serious ?

    1. Annie PhanAnnie Phan (Post author)

      Thank you, we’re taking a look at the flow you described to fix the experience. Were you able to download the ReCap Photo app and open ReCap Photo directly? To access ReCap Photo, you would go to and re-install the latest version of ReCap Pro (even if you’re already on the latest). Through this installation process. you’ll have the option to also install ReCap Photo.


      Got the same issue here

  33. Avatartschundler

    I only have Linux & MacOS desktops & Android phone/tablet. It seems this new version is only for the platforms I don’t use. Will the web ReCap360 interface continue to be available as part of paid ReCap Pro? Or can I only use ReCap now if I use Windows? (Is there any plan for Linux or OSX versions?)

  34. Avatar0000456577

    Hi Annie
    I am highly interested in use Recap for minning application. Using a drone, taking pictures and getting infromation in 3D models for CivilCAD, then use this model to calculate volumes for conveyors and Rahco systems. Could you please give me detail information about. I have a Phantom proffesional 4 drone and I’d like to know if other devices are needed or how can I make a first trial. My email: Thanks!

  35. AvatarASilvaNAGA

    Where is the link to the actual Recap photo application?

    1. Annie PhanAnnie Phan (Post author)

      Hi, thanks for your interest. If you already have a subscription to ReCap Pro, you can sign in to your Autodesk account at and re-install the latest version of ReCap Pro. This installation process will give you the option to install ReCap Photo. Otherwise, you can sign up here for a 30 day trial of ReCap Pro, and then follow the same installation process to get ReCap Photo. Let us know if you experience any issues.


    So Recap Photo is cloud based prosessing only? There is no desktop version? I cant believe the jungle of broken links and lack of information about your products. And the credit thing?! It still cost credits even when you bought recap pro and photo?

  37. AvatarMausickPL


    I have a problem with generating a photo on a 3d object using ReCap Photo. A few days ago I generated the first 3D object from a set of 200 photos – everything was OK. I have now set up a set of 700 photos, but ReCap Photo does not run the process (inform me of the limit of 300 pictures). I have subscribed to ReCap Pro and 95 credits in the cloud. I think I did everything to start the process. I have recently installed the latest ReCap and ReCap Photo programs.

    What else can I do ?


    1. Mitko VidanovskiMitko Vidanovski

      Hi Pawel,
      The limit for processing “Objects” is 300 photos (usually there is no need for more pictures than this for this type of reconstructions), but if you have an Aerial project the limit for that is 1,000 photos. Please select that option instead and give it a try. Thank you for using ReCap!

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  39. Avatarzana.taher

    How would you convert an exported obj file (from ReCAP Photo) into a surface in AutoCAD Civil 3D?

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  41. Avatararinbennett

    I too would like to know if Recap Photo is going to receive educational benefits. Last week I stood in front of a group of students espousing the benefits of Remake for photogrammetry only to open the program and have it say that it has been moved to Recap photo and upon installing Recap photo find that apparently the educational benefits have been stripped from this product. Please tell us what your intentions are with this product so that I know whether to pursue another photogrammetry platform for next week’s class.

    1. Annie PhanAnnie Phan (Post author)

      Hi Arin, Remake is still available to current EDU account holders for the time being. We will offer an EDU version of ReCap Photo/Recap Pro in late October or early November. At that point, the photo processing will be limited to 100 photos.

      Unfortunately, EDU licenses are not set up to allow the purchasing additional cloud credits. In order to fully access the photo processing capabilities of ReCap Photo (processing up to 300 object photos or 1,000 UAV/drone photos), you would need to sign up for the 30-day free trial of ReCap Pro or a paid month or annual subscription. We are sorry if these options do not serve your needs.

  42. Avatarben_britton

    seems like when Recap got integrated into Recap, the following happened:
    to use it, a user must install Recap Pro, an educational license will receive a one-year subscription.
    so now Recap spawns as a standalone sub-application that must be started inside Recap Pro. it opens in its own window as a separate app (Recap Photos).

    please note: this sub-application (Recap Photo) does not give educational licenses a one-year license, just 30 day trial.
    so now we in academia, on zero budghets for our most advanced, who are interested in integration of the full Autodesk suite of tools, must hope that you
    the provision of the one-year educational license for Remake, as it is integrated in its current form.
    please re-read the above before you think you know what i mean.


    1. Avatardevangshah


      If you are already a ReMake EDU user, you may continue using ReMake v till 30th Nov.

      We are contemplating introduction of a suitable solution for EDU users of ReCap Photo which will be made available soon.


  43. Avatarwewwe96

    Hi Annie, I am a college student in Korea.
    I know that recap is offered to students free of charge, but it says that you need to pay a cloud credit when you model using recap photo.
    Is there a way to do free modeling?

    1. Avatardevangshah

      ReCap Photo does not offer free processing for EDU users.

      We are contemplating introduction of a suitable solution for EDU users of ReCap Photo which will be made available soon.


  44. Avatarbrianbuxton

    The promo links to apply RECAP50CLOUD100 coupon code to get advertised 57% discount for 2 year subscription do not work. Applying the coupon manually does not work either.

    Introducing ReCap Photo
    Annie Phan September 13, 2017 (28) Save
    Enjoy expanded photogrammetry capabilities of ReCap Photo, our new desktop and cloud solution built for UAV and drone processes. Special 57% discount offer below.

    1. Annie PhanAnnie Phan (Post author)

      Hi Brian, Are you using the link in this blog article? Which country applies to you? I just checked the United States link ( and discounts are appearing correctly. No promo code required – the links in this article should apply the discount automatically. Total should be $301.00 in cart for the US. You can clear your web browser cache and try again. Let us know if you continue experiencing issues.

  45. Avatarakumthek

    Annie, I would like to know how effective is the recap 3d modelling on xray like application. Also would like to buy in India. Can the software be modified to suit the end use? just like the way if APIs are made available. ah, enough of questions !


    hello I have a license for recap pro installed, how can i do to install the photo recap (it tells me i have the latest version of recap pro)

    1. Avatardevangshah

      You can download the latest ReCap installer and launch it. This installer has ReCap and ReCap Photo in it. Since you already have ReCap installed, the installer will only install ReCap Photo on your machine.

      Do let us know in case of any issues.


  47. Avatarmoridegozaru

    Hi Annie,
    I used Remake for a long time.
    I think that it is suitable for generating small objects.
    If possible, will you please remake the function of Remake?
    I’d like to see 95 samples.


    Hi Annie,
    I’m from RD Congo and i used previously Autodesk REMAKE and now it required an update to Autodesk REKAP, i’ve update it and the Rekape Photo is working only on line in free trial mode only.

    1. Avatardevangshah

      ReCap Photo application is available with ReCap subscription.

      If you have purchased a ReMake subscription, you may continue to use it till the end of the subscription after which you can purchase ‘Autodesk ReCap’ subscription and cloud credits required to process the images with ReCap Photo.

      If you are an EDU user, you may continue using ReMake EDU license till 30th November. ReCap Photo does not offer free processing for EDU users yet.
      We are contemplating introduction of a suitable solution for EDU users of ReCap Photo which will be made available soon.


  49. Avatarramd401

    Hi Annie, Iam a Geographic Engineering from Angola – Africa so i would like to know if i upgrade to recap pro i will have processed normally my drone on cloud

    1. Annie PhanAnnie Phan (Post author)

      Hi, great to hear that you are interested in ReCap. I don’t believe ReCap is available in your country at this moment. You could try signing up for the free trial and see if that works:

    2. Avatarramd401

      Hi, Annie, do you have any prediction to make it work for anycountry?

    3. Annie PhanAnnie Phan (Post author)

      Hi, we don’t have anything to announce at this time in terms of country expansion, but of course, we want to be everywhere. We’ll let you know!

  50. AvatarKateMorrical

    Is there still a “draft” option in ReCap Photo like ReCap 360? I always run my models through preview before spending cloud credits on them–it’ll be disappointing if that option is gone.

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  52. Avatarexpfei

    Hello Annie, i´m using ReCap Photo in a academic research.
    Even using a student version, do I need to buy credits in the cloud?

    1. Avatardevangshah

      If you are a ReMake EDU user already, you may continue using ReMake EDU license till 30th November.

      ReCap Photo does not offer free processing for EDU users yet.

      We are contemplating introduction of a suitable solution for EDU users of ReCap Photo which will be made available soon.One would not need to purchase cloud credits for EDU license then.


  53. Avatarchristophe.bony

    Good afternoon Annie,
    I would like to upgrade my monthly subscription with the special 57% discount offer (2 year subscription to ReCap Pro which includes ReCap Photo + 100 cloud credits) as mentioned above but the offer doesn’t work on the UK store GBP (Sterling Pounds)?
    Is this normal?

    1. Annie PhanAnnie Phan (Post author)

      Hi Christophe,
      Thanks for your interest and sorry that you had trouble with the UK link. We’ve fixed the link. Please try it now. Thanks,

  54. Avatarcapture3d.fei

    Hello Annie Phan and Mitko Vidanovski, very pleased. I do a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at FEI, a renowned university in Brazil where the goal is to show the productivity of 3D scanning based on the concept of Recap photos, and the cloud system of the A360, so I have been experimenting to show the efficacy of the method, I started my work with Remake, where I have many quotes from it and also from autodesk. However, on Friday at the open I was directed to the Recap fotos, which requests credits in the cloud, factor that makes the experiments unfeasible, in total there are 9, remembering that I need numerous tests for this. How can you help me?
    If you need documents related to the course to college as well as recognition of my adviser can send you via email. Thanks in advance and congratulate the whole team.
    I am very worried because the work is already qualified leaving only the last section, the experiments.

  55. AvatarMichaelGilham

    The application looks impresive, I’ll be interested to test it.
    One question, similar to stevej.3d.
    What is the “cloud credit” costs to undertake the processing of the photos? How is that cost calculated?

    1. Avatarmoridegozaru

      Hi MichaelGilham
      Ultra processing to be charged will not be charged for Remake offline.
      However, an expensive personal computer is necessary.
      Recap does not have such a function.
      I do not know why Remake is integrated into Recap.

    2. Annie PhanAnnie Phan (Post author)

      Hi Michael,
      Here are the cloud credit usage rates for ReCap Photo, based on the number of photos in the job:
      1 to 300 photos will use 12 cloud credits.
      301 to 700 photos will use 30 cloud credits.
      701 to 1,000 photos will use 55 cloud credits.
      1 cloud credit = $1 USD. More information about Autodesk cloud credits can be found here:

  56. Avatarbpoojary

    With Autodesk-Remake it was possible to upload jpeg images of small objects which were captured by a DSLR camera. It did a really good job of making 3D models using images. Does Recap Photo have the same functionality? Or does it accept only the specific GPCs format that is mentioned in the article ?

    1. Mitko VidanovskiMitko Vidanovski

      Hi @bpoojary,
      GCP is just one addition to the new improvements to ReCap Photo that is different from ReMake. You can still continue to create projects by simply adding your images without the need to include GCP points if not necessery.

  57. Avatarnerotbf69

    Sorry I am totally lost. What I am supposed to do? I have Recap pro 2018. When I try to create a photo project, it open a webpage, and this webpage ask to go for ReCap Photo and when you want install recap photo, I realize it is ReCap pro 2018, software already install on my computer?

    1. Avatarmoridegozaru

      Hi, nerotbf69 .
      Always, I see your wonderful work at Sketchfab.
      You are also a Remake lover. What do you think of being integrated into Recap?
      Do not you feel uneasy?

    2. Avatardevangshah

      Please download the latest ReCap installer again. It has been updated to have ReCap Photo. If you already have the latest version of ReCap, then only ReCap Photo will be installed when running the new installer.

  58. Avatarstevej.3d

    Other than the differences between the Recap versions, what is the difference between Recap Photo and Remake? It looks to have the same tools as Remake (even the same interface for much of it).

    I have and use Remake quite a bit, but was wondering if there are any additional features in Recap Photo

    1. Avatarstevej.3d

      can answer my own question, Recap photo is Remake with a few extra features aimed at drone footage and the ability to work in surveyed coordinate systems, as well as some other stuff, so all good things.

      The Remake page says the product can be used through the end of my contract, which is fine, Recap Photo is about the same price.

      But the biggest problem I see is that Recap Photo explicitly states you can’t do local processing of photos, you have to use the cloud service with purchased credits. Why is this the case? There should definitely be the option for local processing, I don’t feel like paying for a service that the computer I have right in front of me will do for free.

  59. Avatarpatrick.emin

    Hi, can you clarify what’s the difference between Recap, Recap Pro and Recap Photo?

    1. AvatargoranNQ88L


    2. Mitko VidanovskiMitko Vidanovski

      Hi Patric, sure thing. ReCap is for processing point cloud data mainly coming from 3D laser scanners and ReCap Photo is for working with mesh data and for tuning photographs into 3D models.
      More in detail can be seen on this comparison chart on the ReCap product page:


    No trial version? I paid for 2017 and it not much help…
    I would like to compare this new one with the 2017; is this possible?

    1. Mitko VidanovskiMitko Vidanovski

      Hi Angel,
      Sure, the new ReCap Photo version should give you 30-days free trial period.
      You can download it from the ReCap product page in here:

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