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Project Memento – Next Gen Reality Computing Tool

Mitko Vidanovski
November 7, 2014

Project memento bust

In this webinar, Tatjana Dzambazova (Product Manager, Reality Solutions) introduces Project Memento and presents various use cases and new opportunities based on the accessibility of sensors and tabbing methods. She also illustrates the software’s capabilities through a live demonstration.

What is Project Memento?

Project Memento is Autodesk’s new all-in-one, end-to-end solution that converts reality capture input (photos, scans) into high-resolution 3D digital mesh replicas. Memento’s smart toolkit generates 3D meshes from reality capture input, helps clean up meshes, detects and fixes mesh errors. The toolkit prepares & optimizes the generated 3D models for Web publishing, virtual and augmented reality, further digital use or 3D printing.

Easy to use

Memento’s engine is uniquely built from the ground-up to handle large models that result from converting reality capture data to 3D meshes and optimize them for further use. Even without prior experience with 3D CAD, Memento is very easy to learn requiring just a few minutes. This makes Reality Capture accessible to a wide range of users who don’t always have high technological expertise, but who require high-quality, professional 3D digital replicas of real objects.

Democratizing 3D design

Memento applies to a wide variety of users including artists, scientists, heritage experts, archeologists, fashion designers, film makers, game developers, and designers.  They are digitizing artifacts for archiving, restoration, education, digital story-telling, creating digital doubles and replicas, decorative design add-ons, inspiration for new designs, testing new design fit of existing products, and personalizing products. Memento’s optimized digitized reality models are used in workflows with Autodesk Fusion360, Maya, Mudbox, 3dsMax, many other modeling applications. Its integrated toolset offers high resolution 3D printing preparation, connecting with over twenty 3D printer drivers, and optimizes the models accordingly.

Currently, Memento is in the Alpha stage and can be downloaded here. There is much more Memento news in the pipeline!

Check out the webinar and share your comments!

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Mitko Vidanovski

Mitko Vidanovski is an author and manager of the Autodesk ReCap blog. A Master's Degree Architect who joined the Reality Solutions Team in 2012 helping Autodesk lift two new innovative products on the market ReCap and ReMake. He is responsible for leading the online community efforts, developing product analysis, and making pilot tests of new technologies involving 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry. Previous to Autodesk, Mitko worked in progressive environments such as Otherlab and Because We Can, where he gained experience in various fabrication technologies, such as 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC milling.