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Creating your first point cloud with ReCap is simple – just follow these 3 steps for either workflow:

 Create a point cloud from laser scans

Laser Scan Icon

Create a point cloud from photographs


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  1. Take laser scans of the area you want to 3D model (No scanner? No problem – access a data set here).
  2. Import laser scans to ReCap desktop application.
  3. Let ReCap Pro auto register scans to create a 3D point cloud for you in minutes.
  1. Take photographs of the object/area you want to 3D model (No camera? No problem – access a data set here).
  2. Upload photos to ReCap on the cloud.
  3. Preview + download the data to ReCap’s desktop application to stitch photos, creating a 3D point cloud.

Once you’ve mastered these two workflows, if you’re looking to create a more comprehensive point cloud you can now combine UAV photogrammetry data and laser scan data into one data set with just a few clicks. And that’s just one of the most recent features added in the latest product release (ReCap 3.1).

If you have any questions about getting started, or simply want to explore more of what ReCap can do, check out the ReCap Knowledge Network. Learn more about latest industry trends and stay up-to-date on ReCap events our community hub.

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