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REAL 2016 — The premiere Reality Capture event has doubled in size and scope!

Reality Capture Guru
February 1, 2016

Real Conference

Last February, a REAL 2015 event was hosted, to showcase and underscore Reality Computing in a three-word declaration: Capture. Compute. Create.  There were dozens of great speakers covering a diverse array of Reality Computing topics.  For example, the REAL Talk stage came alive with the sinuous brass Coriolissculpture of Bruce Beasley made possible by large scale 3D printed castings, Tim Webber discussed his mind-altering visual effects work from the film Gravity. On the REAL Live stage attendees were privy to more great presentations, including the one Sly Lee gave about his experiences diving across the world to capture and process coral data in a revolutionary new way.

At REAL 2016 — happening at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco on March 8th and 9th— a new cross-section of individuals, teams, and companies will be discussing and demonstrating how they are leveraging 3D technologies to innovate in art, architecture, science, engineering, manufacturing, construction, entertainment and everything in between.  The primary goal of REAL 2016 is to foster new collaborations and inspire new innovations as this interconnecting 3D tech ecosystem renders new global, industrial and individual realities into existence.

New announced setup this year is a startup competition called The REAL Deal, where a panel of VC’s will listen to pitches from Reality Computing startups and announce a winner.  The contest will kick off REAL 2016, and the winner will be announced the same afternoon on March 8th.

You’ll see evidence of collaborative efforts that began at REAL 2015 like the co-presentation from The Living’s David Benjamin and Airbus’s Bastian Schaefer.  Arup Fellow Tristram Carfrae will be speaking about processing Reality Capture data from Antoni Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Pinscreen CEO Hao Liwill illuminate us on his many projects, from the difficulties of capturing hair data, to his work on The Force Awakens using innovative real-time facial animation techniques to transform Lupita Nyong’o into Maz Kanata.  Also talking about his work on the record-breaking Star Wars reboot and elsewhere in Hollywood is James Enright, CEO and founder of Propshop.

Reality Capture encompasses a constellation of technologies focused around capturing reality, working with spatial data, and using data to interact with and influence the physical world.  At REAL 2016, the focus has shifted to highlight the “Create” side of Reality Computing and the future of making with great speakers such as CTO and Co-founder of MX3D, Tim Guertjens, who will talk about the latest achievements and obstacles facing the robotic metal 3D printing company’s quest to print a steel bridge, and Kaitlyn Hova, Co-founder of The Synesthesia Network who worked with Fusion 360 to create “The Hovalin”, a low-cost, 3D printable violin that plays beautifully and sounds phenomenal.

Reality Capture is poised to have a similar impact that BIM had over a decade ago.

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