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Reality Capture: Turning things into data, data into things, and what goes on in between

Reality Capture Guru
April 10, 2014

Welcome to our Reality Capture blog where we will be exploring the many ways reality is being captured, analyzed, and used to create… well, reality.

Scanning ReCap

Capture, Compute, Create

Simply put, we see a new category of technology emerging that is changing how we understand, work with, and communicate about the world around us. We call this ‘Reality Capture’.

In construction, how does “what was designed” differ from “what has been built?”

In automotive manufacturing, “Will this new car body fit through our assembly line?”

For athletes and weekend warriors, “Can I get a pair of custom-fit Nike running shoes?”

For public officials, “Tell me again how you plan to build a two-mile-long tunnel under Seattle?”

Questions like these and many others will be answered through access to reality in a computable form. Reality Capture encompasses ways of capturing spatial and shape information from the physical world, operating on that information with digital tools, and delivering digital information back into the physical world. We expect that Reality Capture will soon manifest itself as a platform shift in the kind of data that will be used by anyone who designs, produces, or manages physical things.

As we showcase Reality Capture trends, technologies, and projects, we invite you to tell us how Reality Capture will affect your business, career, hobbies, and world.

Warm regards,

The Autodesk ReCap Team

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