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What's new in Revit 2021

Written by Sasha Crotty, Harlan Brumm, Ian Molloy, Pawel Piechnik, Dan Peticila, Martin Schmid, Gernot Jeromin, and David Smolker

The Revit product management team is thrilled to share with you what’s new in Revit 2021. Revit 2021 includes upgrades suggested by you, our users, continuous improvements to core features,

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Unity Reflect adds Navisworks integration

Last year, Unity Reflect launched an integration for Autodesk Revit to enable designers and engineers to transfer Revit models into real-time 3D experiences, including in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). To expand on the partnership, Unity Reflect’s metadata support now extends to Navisworks

Casey Chaisson

Consumer Reports – Precast Automation in Revit

Revit 2021 has been released two months ago and there’s one new ribbon tab that made its way among the out-of-the-box features: Precast. We started our journey to finding and delivering to users an automated process for handling  structural precast elements from modelling to fabrication almost three years ago.

Dan Peticila

Have you tried? Generative Design for Revit

Revit 2021 introduced generative design tools to Revit. These tools can automate the execution of generative design studies in an iterative way. You can focus your attention on other areas of your model while Generative Design runs in the background. Then you filter the results of the generative design study to find the outcomes that match your goals.

Jeff Hanson

Robot Structural Analysis Public Roadmap 

Along with the 2021 release of Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional software, we would like to give you some insight into the future plans for Robot Structural Analysis and share a refreshed product roadmap.

If you have read our recently published Point of View on the future of Structural Analysis you know that we are working hard to making engineers more connected to BIM through modern analysis workflows.

Pawel Piechnik

What is BIM (Building Information Modeling)?

Free Form Rebar - Aligned Distribution

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