What’s New in Revit MEP 2018 for Electrical Circuit Pathway

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Revit MEP 2018 Electrical Circuit Pathway

Revit 2018 enables you to modify an electrical circuit path for more accurate voltage drop calculations. You can choose to edit the circuit path by selecting Farthest Device, All Devices, or Custom and manually edit the circuit path.

You can manually adjust the offset (elevation) and position of the circuit path as well as set the default offset.

This enables designers to better capture design intent, enabling third party analysis tools to utilize the information for other analytical workflows, such as short circuit current calculations.

Take a look at the edit electrical circuit path feature overview video for more detail.

With Revit 2018 you can manipulate and define the intended circuit pathway for downstream analysis.

Check out the help files on Autodesk Knowledge Network to learn how to edit the electrical circuit path.

Armundo Darling

Armundo Darling is the Senior Technical Enablement Manager for MEP engineering and fabrication solutions at Autodesk. He has extensive knowledge of both Autodesk® Revit® for MEP and AutoCAD® MEP, and is responsible for the production of all global MEP marketing deliverables and technical training of global technical specialists and channel partners. Armundo has over 33 years’ experience in the architectural engineering field as a drafter, designer, and CAD/BIM manager. He started drafting for the U.S. Air Force in 1984 as an engineering assistant specialist. His professional background includes working in the aeronautical engineering industry for several years.

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