Free Form Rebar Distribution in Revit 2018.1

Concrete Detailing

By Tomasz Fudala

A new type of Rebar can be modeled in Revit 2018.1, by working in 3D views and selecting the structural element faces to which the rebars are aligned.

Free Form Rebars can have any geometry, either planar or 3D, and can be used for modelling and detailing of reinforcement in complex 3D structural elements.

Rebars are created at the cover distance from the intersection of the references that the Revit user selects. One reference can be made up of one or more structural element faces.

The Surface Distribution rebar type consists of bars that transition between the Start Surface and the End Surface and are distributed along the Host Surface.

Free Form Rebars are part of the Structural Rebar category, and have all the properties associated with it. Free form Rebars can be created as single bars or rebar sets, rebar quantity for every instance of a Free Form Rebar can be easily adjusted.

Then the rebar constraints can be managed using in canvas tools in 3D views to provide enhanced and accurate rebar placement.

You can use customizable numbering settings and provide accurate shop drawings with schedules that display varying lengths in Free Form Rebar sets to better drive fabrication.

This new functionality increases 3D rebar modeling versatility and helps you define the accurate reinforcement for non-standard shapes of concrete elements.

Downloada sample datasetto try this feature out.

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