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Your feedback on Revit Help content helps us provide a better learning experience for all customers.  In this post I’ll share how customer input works, and will also point you to videos on five must-know Revit skills.

Have you ever noticed the, “Was this helpful?” message at the bottom of an article on the Autodesk Knowledge Network or in the Revit Online Help? Or even better, have you ever used it to send feedback?

must know Revit skills

If you responded ‘yes’ to either of the questions, you might be curious what happens to this feedback? Well, that feedback comes to the Revit CX (Content Experience) team, more specifically, to me. Each week I get a spreadsheet listing all the articles getting ‘thumbs up’ (article was helpful) and ‘thumbs down’ (article was not helpful). The spreadsheet also lists any comments added to the feedback. The weekly e-mail also has some information about top searched items and learning content topics with the most visits.

Our team uses this data to inform changes we make to the content to make it a better learning experience for our customers. Since we have been using this data driven approach to content improvement, we are seeing an overall trend up in helpfulness.

Revit must-know skills

So maybe you are wondering, what kind of changes are we making? It can be anything really to making minor changes to wording, steps in a procedure, adding a few images, or maybe adding a video. It depends on the topic and the specific feedback we get. The more specific the feedback, the easier it is to make a topic better.

As an example, we recently created this collection of  five videos for the beginning Revit user wanting to add to their Revit skills.  Here they are:

5 Must-Know Revit Skills

  • Trim and Extend Elements
  • About the Crop Region
  • Best Practices: Printing
  • About Curtain Wall Panels (Add a Door to a Curtain Wall)
  • Workflow: Select Fields for a Schedule

These topics are for beginning users of Revit, but keep an eye on the Revit Blog for future installments featuring collections of recently updated learning content.

So when you’re referencing Revit learning content, give it a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down’, and if you have another minute, add a comment letting us know how we can make the content better, or let us know how the content helped you out. Together we can make the content experience the best it can be and help you get your work done faster and make Revit easier to learn and use.


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