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The CX (Content Experience) team is back to let you know about Revit knowledge content that has been recently updated, at your request. In my previous article I explained how giving help articles ‘thumbs up’, ‘thumbs down’, and comments helps the CX team make articles better for our customers. Here is another collection of five topics, crowd-sourced by Revit users, that we have focused on and enhanced with videos.  While my first post included five must-knows for Revit beginners, this time the topics are for a more advanced user looking to extend their Revit knowledge. There is a little something in this collection for everyone.

5 ways to extend your Revit knowledge

  • About Global Parameters –Global parameters bring the power of parametric families into the project environment. Learn how to create global parameters and see a couple of examples of how you might use them.

extend Revit knowledge

  • Area Schemes – Learn about Area Schemes and how you can make custom area plans for your projects.

extend Revit knowledge

  • Use a Revit Model in InfraWorks – Export your Revit model and place it into an Autodesk InfraWorks model.

extend revit knowledge

  • Create a Custom Project Browser Organization – Organize your Project Browser to be more efficient in your workflow.

Extend Revit knowledge

  • Dynamo Player – Use the Dynamo Player to automate workflows and distribute Dynamo scripts to all users on your teams.

extend Revit knowledge

Continue to provide feedback on our learning content, and the CX team will continue to make enhancements to make your learning experience great and help you get the most out of your Autodesk software.

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