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It’s Revit’s birthday, but the presents are for YOU

It’s been 15 years since Revit joined the Autodesk portfolio. Since this time, Revit has matured into a premier BIM authoring platform for design professionals, and helped usher in the new era for how buildings are designed, built, and used. The future promises to be even better thanks to changes we’re making to how you access Revit and the connected, integrated design software it works with. For Revit’s birthday, we want to say THANKS to our global users and give you the power to extend your Revit models to support additional workflows.

As of today, when you subscribe to Revit through the Autodesk’s Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection, you’ll receive specialized tools that extend Revit’s current capabilities far beyond design. With these additions, and with no price change, it will be easier for you to access and implement the powerful workflows that Revit supports —when you need them.

So what are we giving you in the new AEC Collection?

AEC Collection Products for Revit's birthday
New AEC Collection product composition as of September 7, 2017.
  • Visualization. We added Revit Live to the AEC Collection which gives you the ability to turn your Revit models into immersive visual experiences and even take your designs into a virtual reality environment—all with two clicks of your mouse.
  • Analysis. Now in the AEC Collection you’ll find Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional and Structural Bridge Design. These tools work with Revit to extend your capabilities to perform structural analysis for any structure.
  • Computational Design. Before today, you could perform computational design using Dynamo within Revit, but now we’re also giving you access to the Dynamo Studio standalone programming environment. This will help you solve challenges faster by automating workflows that drive the geometry and behavior of your design models.
  • Fabrication. Finally, new additions to the AEC Collection extend capabilities from design to fabrication.  Interoperable with Revit and Navisworks, we’ve added Advance Steel and Fabrication CADmep to the Collection so you can conceive, model and fabricate better MEP and structural steel systems on an integrated platform.

Open your presents!

If you’ve already subscribed to the AEC Collection, then go ahead and join the party! Log into your account to access the new workflows described above. If you’re not accessing Revit through the AEC Collection, here are some reasons why you should.

Everything you need

Even the best problem-solver needs to use more than one tool. With the AEC Collection you’ll have all the software tools you need. The Collection is a broad portfolio of interoperable BIM and CAD software. It includes Revit, but also AutoCAD, Navisworks Manage, and 3ds Max—plus a lot more. You can see the full list of included software here. You choose the individual products you want to use and download and install what you want, whenever you like — whether it’s for occasional use, to meet requirements of a particular project or client, or to explore new workflows. By subscribing to the AEC Collection*, you’re always on the most current version of all software in the collection. Simply log into your My Account page to access software updates and releases as soon as they are made available. Working on a project in an earlier version of software? No problem. You have full control over when to make updates as well as access to previous releases when you need them.

Powerful workflows

Just like the strongest teams, the Collection is truly greater than the sum of its parts. When used together, the interoperable software supports powerful Revit-based workflows that extend your BIM capabilities.  Check out what the new Collection can do for you if you’re an architect, structural engineer, or MEP professional.

Prepare for the future

The Collection includes some of the latest innovative software and cloud technologies that cover conceptual design through pre-construction, helping provide insight into your design projects. Get access to tools and services that enable you to work more efficiently, improve project team collaboration, and expand your capabilities with technologies you’ve always wanted to try but maybe couldn’t justify licensing separately.

Celebrate Revit’s birthday! Let’s go make some fabulous stuff.

Sylvia Knauer

Sylvia Knauer is the product marketing manager for Revit software at Autodesk. She has been in marketing at Autodesk for more than 9 years, with prior experience in the CAD industry. A San Francisco Bay area resident for nearly 20 years, Sylvia is a Wisconsin native with degrees in International Relations and German Literature from the University of Wisconsin. She also holds an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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  2. technostructllc

    I’d like to thank Sylvia Knauer for writing such an insightful and informative blog post about Revit updates that is not just useful to the readers but also revealing.

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