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Structural engineers, detailers and fabricators struggle with siloed teams, disconnected workflows, and varying software platforms that do not integrate seamlessly. This requires manual processes to bridge gaps which can lead to expensive errors and fabrication waste.

To help address these challenges, we have added Advance Steel software to the AEC Collection.

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The AEC Collection now provides structural professionals with integrated tools for a seamless, BIM-based process that connects steel design, fabrication, and construction in a more efficient and accurate way. With steel detailing more tightly linked to design, fabrication progresses more smoothly and fabricators collaborate more easily with designers and construction partners to enhance overall project quality.

Watch the following video to see how Revit and Advance Steel can work together to provide a more seamless BIM workflow from design to fabrication:

Key business benefits of the AEC Collection (now with Advance Steel):

  • Drive greater efficiency in the design process:
    • Explore different design alternatives that connect to structural analysis and BIM
    • Integrate structural analysis and design with BIM to improve the quality of the structural design
    • Provide more coordinated and accurate fabrication deliverables for estimating and production
  • Connect engineers, detailers and fabricators through better communication:
    • Coordinate across multiple disciplines to ensure a better design
    • Communicate changes between engineers and detailers more easily to reduce the impact on fabrication
    • Share the most up to date project information with the office, shop and field.
  • Reduce waste in shop and field production
    • Integrate model based deliverables with MIS software and CNC driven fabrication machines
    • Extend fabrication workflows to better plan, coordinate and execute on site
    • Optimize the detailed design to reduce fabrication and installation costs
    • Accurate BOM procures only needed quantity


We have thousands of customers worldwide using Advance Steel today. Here are a few examples of their projects:

  • New Bulgari factory in Valenza, Italy: watch out for this video
  • Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi, UAE: learn more with this customer success story
  • New operational support building at Regina Airport, Canada: discover the project by reading this article
  • The Lucas residential development in Boston, USA: check out this recent blog post
  • Imperial Beach branch of the San Diego County Library, USA, learn more on BIM & Beam

Philippe Bonneau

Philippe Bonneau is the Technical Marketing Manager for Advance Steel software at Autodesk. Prior to joining Autodesk, Philippe spent 20 years filling various roles in the structural industry, including working in steel engineering & detailing companies and then acting as a product manager for Advance Steel at Graitec SA. Philippe attended the University du Maine in Le Mans, France, and he is a mechanical engineer. He is based in Paris, France.

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