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Using Revit, Dynamo and Navisworks for better MEP Coordination

Armundo Darling

Let’s take a look at a clash detection workflow between Revit, Dynamo Studio, and Navisworks Manage that can help improve design optimization and efficiencies in building design coordination.

This workflow streams clash results between MEP and structural designs using a live link between Revit and Navisworks with Dynamo, and improves clash detection throughout the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process.

Clash detection can be conducted on building elements like walls vs. ducts, walls vs. pipe, and beams vs. pipe in a Navisworks coordination model containing MEP and structural design models from Revit.

Using Dynamo within Revit, you can create and run a script to perform a background clash test using the Navisworks core, and return visual feedback in the active Revit project with Clash Indicators and 3D Clash Views.

Running the Dynamo script, you can change the Clash property of the analyzed elements, create separate sectioned 3D views showing each clash, and place an indicator (by means of a 3D arrow with attributes) in the Revit model at the clash points.

Working in the 3D clash view in Revit enables you to quickly identify the clash and resolve it faster. When you make changes and run the script again, it removes the previous clash views and indicators, generating new views and indicators for the new clashes.

Changes that are made in a linked model can be viewed after it has been saved and reloaded into your project. When you rerun the Dynamo script, you will notice that the clash with the linked model has been resolved. The clash list and the Navisworks coordination model will automatically update.

Navisworks also gives you the ability to change the status of clashes to Resolved, Approved or Reviewed.  You can also add a comment to keep team members informed regarding the clash.

Dynamo enhances Revit as the clash information can be added directly in the Revit project to improve building design coordination.

Take a look at this building design coordination workflow video for more detail.

Dynamo and Revit improve building design coordination with Navisworks Manage.

For access to the detailed class handout and scripts, check out Dieter Vermeulen’s AU Online class – CS21553: Construction Dynam(o)ite—Explode Productivity with Dynamo (click on class title).  You can download the class materials when you log into AU Online.

Revit, Dynamo, and Navisworks are available along with additional integrated software as part of the Autodesk   Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection .

What is BIM (Building Information Modeling)?

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Armundo Darling

Armundo Darling is the Senior Technical Enablement Manager for MEP engineering and fabrication solutions at Autodesk. He has extensive knowledge of both Autodesk® Revit® for MEP and AutoCAD® MEP, and is responsible for the production of all global MEP marketing deliverables and technical training of global technical specialists and channel partners. Armundo has over 33 years’ experience in the architectural engineering field as a drafter, designer, and CAD/BIM manager. He started drafting for the U.S. Air Force in 1984 as an engineering assistant specialist. His professional background includes working in the aeronautical engineering industry for several years.


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