High-Altitude Scan-to-BIM

Reality Capture
Photo of hospital exterior

ATFF provides Scan-to-BIM services using ReCap and Revit for a hospital renovation in the French Alps

The Project

The Aiguilles-Queyras Hospital Center is a 20,000-square meter facility in Aiguilles, France. Located in the French Alps, the facility has the highest altitude of any hospital in France. A renovation project is underway to accommodate more out-patient procedures, provide additional short-stay beds, and support upgraded security standards. Before starting the renovation, they needed accurate, existing-conditions information that reflected how the floors and walls had tilted over time. This was magnified due to the Alps’ mountainous and slowly collapsing geography. As a result, the hospital turned to ATFF, a firm that specializes in Reality Capture and Scan-to-BIM services. The hospital commissioned ATFF to capture the facility’s existing conditions and produce a highly-accurate 3D building model for design.

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