Learn everything about building performance analysis: Autodesk Insight webinar series


By Sylvia Knauer

If you’d like to explore more deeply how to use Autodesk Insight — the building performance analysis service that works with Revit– here are three in-depth webinars hosted by Senior Product Manager Ian Molloy that will set you on the right track.

In these webinars, which are free by the way, you’ll:

  • Learn about integrated multidisciplinary design and how Autodesk is applying it to buildings for better outcomes.
  • Hear directly from Senior Product Manager Ian Molloy about his perspective and knowledge of Autodesk Insight
  • Get tips & tricks that can increase your productivity
  • Discover practical examples for using this smart tool

Episode 1:  Learn everything about Autodesk Insight

  • Why is what Insight does important?
  • What is Insight?
  • How is Insight different from other software?
  • Demonstration covering solar radiation, daylighting, heating & cooling loads.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Insight webinar screen

Episode 2:  Tips & Tricks

  • Basics – installation and entitlements
  • Weather and climate data
  • Solar analysis
  • Energy optimization
  1. Revit – Energy settings
  2. Revit – Creating the energy model
  3. Insight – Exploring energy and reporting
  • Daylighting (key references)
  • Q&A

Insight webinar

Episode 3:  Practical examples

Outline of Key Applications with examples of Practical Experience with Luc Wing from Dekker Perich Sabatini Architects

  • Bid / competition / feasibility / other discovery stage
  • Architectural and engineering collaboration and integration
  • Portfolio tracking via AIA 2030 Commitment Reporting
  • Existing building renovations
  • Post occupancy


This is a great webinar series to help you understand and get the full value from Insight and Revit. With  Jad Dellel, Autodesk Customer Success manager and Ian Molloy Sr. Product Manager, presenting you’ll get an insider’s view that will help you make full use of the service.

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