Robot Structural Analysis Public Roadmap


Thank you for patiently waiting for the launch of Robot Structural Analysis 2020! We’re happy to present numerous improvements and code updates that will make you more productive using BIM-based analysis and design. For the complete list of features, please refer to the product documentation.

I want to express our gratitude to everyone who also participated in the feature suggestion session last December. Please note that we’ve looked at all of your suggestions and prioritized accordingly. We cannot implement all of them at once, so you will see more in the future. Here is the public roadmap for Robot Structural Analysis.






Please give the new Robot Structural Analysis release a try, and let us know what you think..

Ruslana Steininger, Product Manager for Structural Analysis

Ruslana Steininger

Ruslana is the Product Manager for Robot Structural Analysis at Autodesk. She is responsible for developing strategies, product vision, and creating conceptual structures to meet complex challenges requiring an innovative approach and objective analysis of varied factors. With a background in Software Engineering, Ruslana has led cross-functional, global product teams to successful execution, and has been with Autodesk for over 10 years in various roles in Research, Digital Manufacturing, and now AEC. You can find Ruslana in the Autodesk Toronto office.

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  1. Avatar

    Where's Brazilian's codes?

  2. pavlo_ukraine

    Hello, guys. Do you have any plans to publish the road map for the next release of Robot Structural Analysis? Thank you.

  3. pavlo_ukraine

    Please find the page on the Autodesk forum. It seems to me the great Idea to create the certification for Robot Structural Analysis. "Robot Certified User", "Robot Certified Professional".

  4. pavlo_ukraine

    Does it have any matter in case I change NvidiaGFX 750 to Nvidia Quadro P4000? Would it impect to Robot visualisation speed? Thank you.

  5. Avatar

    If the most voted robot idea ever (by far) is about the implementation of the Brazilian code why it isn't on the roadmap yet ?

  6. Avatar

    Dear Ruslana, We are grateful for your support, and also grateful to know that RSA continues to improve. I would like to know if the Brazilian codes update it´s something that you are planning on developing in a near future. As a matter of fact, by 2021 it´ll be required by law to use BIM softwares in Public projects, and we all know how good AEC Collection is and how good RSA is in this Collection. However, it will be no good for our projects if we don´t have the Brazilian codes in RSA. We Brazilians are anxious for this update, so we kindly ask you to consider our request. Thank you for your time and here is a link for the forum where you can find our request:

  7. wassim_said_said

    Dear Ruslana, Thank you for the first RSA roadmap. It is a good work we asked many times!. We hope it may be the first step for a long list of necessary updates for the future of RSA. For example: 1-Steel connections similar to revit, advance steel to cover all EC3 and American Codes..., 2-Composite steel decks for American & Eurocodes.... 3-Easy integration with revit specially for the reinforced concrete structure design & drawings. 4-New user interface as the proposed REACT structure. 5-Load Take down for the building columns base on the tributary area of the columns as it could be done in the former concrete building structure (CBS). 6-Tensile structure analysis (Fabric shade.....). With all the already sent propositions in the RSA forum. Thank you again and let us know for the future updates. Wassim

  8. Avatar

    I agreed that more modern interface will attract more users.


    A modern user interface similar to react structure will be much appreciated.

    1. Avatar

      I agreed that more modern interface will attract more users.

  10. pavlo_ukraine

    Can you give some descriptions please. What does it mean "Wind simulation (exact pressure load map)" How it might work? Thank you.

    1. pavlo_ukraine

      I think that you have it. How are you going to enhance it?

  11. Avatar

    kindly make tutorials,helping materials for the students and professionals. it felt good to know that there is planning to improve revit analytical model improvement and the link between robot and revit, could you gave any time frame for that.

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