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We are excited to deliver functionality in Revit 2020 —responding to several related requests on the Revit Idea Station– for better support of the creation and documentation of electrical distribution systems containing panels with feed through lugs.  For those of you using external tools to do more in-depth analysis, this enhancement provides a more accurate model for analysis and circuit coordination by eliminating a breaker in the model and using feed through lugs instead.

A new panel schedule template, called Feed Through Lugs Panel, is included in the US Imperial and Metric Systems-default and Electrical-default templates.

Feel through lugs panel

This template demonstrates usage of some additional parameters that summarize loads that are directly connected to circuits in the panel (This Section Total), parameters that summarize loads that are fed from a child panel through feed through lugs (Total Load Connected To Feed Through Lugs), and a set of parameters showing the overall totals (Panel Grand Totals).

feed through lugs


For a panel to feed another panel through feed through lugs, you first need to enable the feed through lugs on the panel.  This is an instance parameter that you can set as the default in the family editor.

feed through lug

With Feed Through Lugs enabled, create a circuit to connect one panel to another and select whether the circuit is fed from a Breaker or from Feed Through Lugs.

feed through lugs

Once the connection is made, use the Circuit Numbering Option setting to continue the circuit numbering from one panel to the next.  For example, if the first panel is numbered from 1-42, select Continue Numbering on the second panel to start the number with 43 as shown below.

feed through lug

feed through lug

Note that we did not make any changes to how Sub Feed Lugs behave.  During our research, we heard from users that Feed Through Lugs is more commonly used than Sub Feed lugs, so we made those improvements first.  We moved the Sub Feed Lugs property from type to instance.

If you have specific needs for how Sub Feed Lugs should work, please post the details on the Revit Ideas page.

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Martin Schmid

Martin Schmid joined Autodesk in 2005 as a project consultant for MEP customers, both for Revit MEP and AutoCAD MEP. Martin holds a BS in Architectural Engineering, and MS in Engineering from Kansas State University, and a Masters in Management of Technology from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He worked as an electrical designer, engineering coordinator, and application developer before joining Autodesk. Martin has co-authored books for Revit and AutoCAD MEP, and is a licensed engineer in the state of New Hampshire. Martin worked in the product globalization and customer success teams prior to joining the product management team, where he now guides direction related to the extended MEP product portfolio, including MEP functionality within Revit, CADmep, ESTmep, CAMduct, and AutoCAD Plant 3D. In his spare time, Martin enjoys reading, travelling, and attending his kids’ activities.

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