What’s New in Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2020.1 Mid-Year Update

Structural Analysis

By Ruslana Steininger

The Robot Structural Analysis Professional team had a busy summer and we’re pleased to report that we are moving right along with the features declared earlier this year in our public roadmap.

Now, let’s dive into our tangible deliverables. Another focus area for us was to improve interoperability with Revit and Robot Structural Analysis Professional. A number of Revit-Robot linking capabilities were addressed and improved:

  • Grouped members selected in Revit are shared to Robot.
  • Boundary Conditions are updated from Robot Structural Analysis to Revit.
  • Steel design parameters are preserved through a Robot-Revit-Robot roundtrip.
  • Materials parameters are updated during a Robot-Revit roundtrip.

This release also contains updates for the Australian steel design codes to the current edition AS 4100-1998 Rec.2016.

The key highlight of this release is added support for 4K high resolution displays and resolution of major usability problems. Over 111 issues have been addressed to improve your experience and alleviate text and scalability issues in menu items, dialogs, graphics and tables. Here are some before and after shots to give you a feel for this massive undertaking:

Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2020 SP1Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2020.1


In addition to everything above, the following defects have been fixed in this update:


  • Improved the general user interface behavior on high resolution monitors. Dialog layouts, tables contents, graphics are no longer compromised when the size of text and application were scaled.
  • Removed “Unregistered version” displayed on the program title bar reported for single-user license installations.
  • Corrected the display of load values for American (imperial) units in the moving load vehicle definition.

Reinforced Concrete Design

  • Prevented the shift of slab reinforcement manual zones after an element update.
  • Corrected the influence of Cm parameter on slenderness and strength calculation for reinforced columns according to ACI 318-14.
  • Corrected column slenderness limits according to ACI 318-14.
  • Corrected the calculation of crack width for slabs according to EN 1992-1-1.
  • Added Eurocode formula (3) for minimal reinforcement calculation in cases of unidirectional reinforcement of slabs.
  • Fixed the formula for conditions without drainage for foundation slip resistance according to EN 1997.
  • Corrected the calculation of crack width for beams and columns according to EN 1992-1-1.

Steel Connection Design

  • Corrected the behavior when a Pinned Beam-to-Beam steel connection is copied and then the angle used is changed to the default.
  • Web plate stiffeners are now considered in calculations of Beam-Column connection rigidity.

Steel and Timber Design

  • Corrected the calculation of elasticity modulus in fire conditions for timber design code EN 1995-1-1.
  • Improved display of stability coefficients according to EN 1993-1-1 for round sections in bidirectional bending.

Here’s the link to the complete Release Notes document.

We hope you enjoy this update and always welcome and look forward to your feedback.

Robot Structural Analysis Team

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