Have you tried? Real-time realistic views in Revit 2021

Have you tried

What is it?

In Revit 2021 there was a change to the “realistic” visual style. In previous versions of Revit, realistic visual style applied material appearances to elements in your model. In 2021, real-time realistic views applies material appearances and lighting effects to the view as you move through the model.  At it’s core, realistic view style applies real time rendering to a view. Rather than waiting for a view to render, you can now set the visual style to “realistic”.

Why try it?

This is a great tool for presentations, allowing you to walk project stakeholders through your design in real time. Realistic views can also be used in plans and elevations to give a greater sense of realism and material quality in your presentations.

If you have not yet tried realistic visual style in 2021, head over to the Have You Tried topicin the Revit learning center to learn more about realistic visual style in Revit 2021.


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    Is there a setting to revert Realistic views to behave in the same manner as pre-2021 Revit versions?

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    Is there a setting to revert the Realistic view style to behave the same way as pre-2021 Revit versions?

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