New Technology Preview Now Available: People Flow Toolkit

Technology Preview

We have a new technology preview for you to try – The People Flow Toolkit.  As a reminder, Technology Previews provide early access to features that are considered complete and ready for use in production for Autodesk Revit.  We make them available so you can kick the tires on new BIM functionality and provide feedback on what works for you and the way you design and engineer. While not all features we preview will be available for every geography and in all languages, everyone can access the feature we introduce today. It is, however, only available in English right now.   


Want to see it in action before you try it? Join Senior Product Manager, Harlan Brumm, for a live-streamed demo and question and answer on October 1st at 6pm ET (3pm PT).

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The People Flow Toolkit extends Revit’s Path of Travel toolset to help you understand how people will move through your design. The People Flow Toolkit is available as an add-on with Revit versions starting at 2020.2. With the toolkit, building designers can automate, visualize, and analyze the routes within a model to understand the impacts of physical distancing within the context of a design project. 

Greater functionality around path of travel analysis has been in focus for Revit development, with first release of the Path of Travel tool in Revit 2020. The intent is to provide Revit users and Revit developers with smarter, faster ways to design and automate wayfinding and egress and ingress calculations, with access to tools in Revit and through the Revit API. In Revit 2020.2, waypoints were introduced, allowing a designer to adapt, manipulate, and recalculate paths for multi-point paths of travel, improving the flexibility of the tool. 

With the People Flow Toolkit, we’re expanding functionality to address the challenges of designing for physical distancing due to COVID-19. The plug-in includes a new tool for finding multiple paths of travel between points, a tool for defining one-way traffic flow, a spatial grid tool for quickly understanding visually the distances within a room, and finally, a tool for rapidly placing people acting as obstacles in your design.    

How to install and use People Flow Toolkit: 

The People Flow Toolkit is available via your site or via the Autodesk Desktop App.    

Once installed, the toolkit is accessed from the “Analyze” menu and appears as a palette next to “Route Analysis” called “People Flow Toolkit” From the palette, four new tools are introduced: 

  • Multiple Paths: tool automates the creation of paths between two or more points. Use this tool to identify your options in calculating the best path between two points.  
  • One-way Indicator: A family to represent the direction of travel that is factored into the path of travel calculation​s. Use this tool to factor one-way directional flows into your circulation plans. 
  • People Content: Use the People Content Tool to derive paths of travel that account for physical distancing standards along the route. This family restricts is used to indicate occupancy. Use this tool to place buffers and obstacles to be factored into the path of travel analysis.​ 
  • Spatial Grid: Use this room based grid overlay for visually indicating social distancing parameters with snap-to functionality. Quickly layout objects in a room at a proscribed distance.


For more detail on putting these tools to use, with step-by-step instructions, check out our related help article here:   

Like previewing features? Ask to join our Beta program and provide feedback on new features before they are widely released. 

Email for a link to join.   

Harlan Brumm

Harlan is a Revit Product Manager with Autodesk focused on Architecture and Construction. Based in Manchester, NH, he has spent 10 years helping customers realize the power of BIM in a variety of roles. Before joining Autodesk, he worked for AEC firms in the Midwestern USA on a wide variety of project types. A geek, he loves learning about new technology and how it can help Architects design a better world. Find him on Twitter @HarlanBrumm

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  1. tungchui

    in our city, the fire department only wants the path of travel do 90 degree path. Every time we do a diagonal path, they will reject the drawings. Can the people flow create that option? Thanks

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